Bone Brigade 2013 Re-Issues. Set up to skate!



  • It's just weird all of a sudden they started popping up everywhere
  • Anybody have any dealings with AWH?  It appears they do phone orders, as I don't see a way to order online.  They show the San Diego trucks, I can't find anywhere.....actually I can't find G&S and haven't seen San Diego's anywhere.  
  • I want a pair of g&s trucks 2. Hollow axle and kingpin I believe? I had a pair on my Billy Ruff puppet master deck. Miss that board. In fact... I really want a Neil Blender coffee break model as well. Had one of those as well.
  • I had always been an Indy guy back in the day, but I fell in love with the G&S chromoly trucks when I first saw them, rode them exclusively until they went under and the trucks all but disappeared.  I read about the San Diego trucks a while back, and they look and supposedly have the same feel and "skate-ability", but couldn't find them.  That AWH site lists them, but no pricing and no order info.
  • I have seen those green rib bones online the last few weeks. I would hope the only reason they chose that ugly green color is because they had some plastic they needed to find a use for. Otherwise I dont see how that color is a wise choice. Give the old school fans want we want. The original colored rails are the way to go.
  • awh is a distribution company for shops so if u want something from awh u gotta tell ur shop
  • Ah, makes, but makes sense.  I have seen G&S on ebay, but they are very expensive.  I'll check my local shop and see if they can get the San Diegos.  I keep checking ebay for old completes with good condition G&S trucks, but still hard to find.
  • Yeah. Not diggin the 1997 forest green jeep cherokee color rib bones.
  • Haha good call Nick!

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