Bone Brigade 2013 Re-Issues. Set up to skate!

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    I have skated all of them.. Lightly. I have to flex in any of them. They all feel solid. I don't thrash these boards hard they are really just for cruising on, snake runs, occasional grinds, boneless, ollies, etc.. I have several kick nose riders a lot lighter with 54mm wheels i use for pool business. ;) 

    Re-Drilled the deck holes in the hawk so current 169's would fit it.No problems there. still solid. Not a big fan of the blue...but i have... a full size hawk. :) hopefully next Color-way will be pink..i will get a set of tracker six tracks with copers for that it right... Every board i set up must have Bones medium bushings in white. Best handling set up with Bones bearings.

    Overall im super happy with these re-issues. I hate that they got lazy and just gave them all gold top oval dragons on every color way..looks lame. The green lance mountain should have a blue one..the Guerrero should be red..etc..other than that i love em. The blue hawk is noticeably heavier than the others. (supposed thicker ply's?..or extra ply's?) than the first run decks. I don't feel nervous to skate the other two though..i know some people say they have huge tail flex and are " un-skateable" but i snapped a few hard ollies on them and did not feel like i was going to break the tail off. They popped just like any other complete i have. 

  • Those look awesome Nick, love the grip tape work.  I wasn't a big fan of Gullwings back in the day, but they look perfect on those boards.  With Indy and Tracker, and so on, still looking pretty much how they did back then, the Gullwings have that perfect 80s look to them.

  • Damn Nick! It's like going back in time. Awesome set-ups brotha!
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    That's a damn nice grip job on your mountain Nick! Thanks for letting us know you took em out for a ride, I took my guerrero out today and it flexed a bit and creaked somewhat but didn't crack or anything. Much the same as you I didn't go too crazy on mine, this one's just for cruising. Here's a couple of pics

  • Sale on Pink Rails?
  • Thanks fellas. ;) yeah I actually bought those gorilla ribs mint in package on ebay in 2007 from Sean Goff (brand x pro in the 80s) its almost imposible to find em in different colors. I wish I could get some blue or green ones.
  • Am I correct in understanding that the Brigade reissues are completely flat, or do they have slight concave?

  • Pretty flat, they are like the originals. If I remember correctly, the concave didn't become pronounced until they went with actual shapes like the bottle nose and they dropped the wheel wells. My lmfp is much flatter than my original xt version without wells.
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    Slippery. Lovin the red rails. And..the grip tape is sick! I was going to do a similar flame type cut out. Should of..looks awesome!
  • Thanks man, it took ages to grip the way I do it, with tracing paper, scissors and a box cutter. Up close it looks a little messy, not all gaps are even but overall I'm really happy with how this deck turned out looks wise, and it's not too bad to skate. The tail has a bit of flex but it's held strong for the 3 or so hours of cruising so far
  • Be careful if you boardslide, the rails need to be set in about two inches from the edge or it will scratch the graphics. The SP2 concave isn't flat like the decks we had as kids.

    I love all these reissues, I just got the new Chinese Dragon and it is a light blue dip and it looks awesome. I just wish they would make the Rat Bones harder that 90a, they feel really slow when you are use to skating the Cab 58 mm PF wheels. These decks look best with Rat Bones and I wish they would make them in their PF formula.
  • Rat bones in 95 or 99a would be sweet
  • Have you guys checked out the Bones Brigade completes on the site. It's like a trip down memory lane....
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    Tommy G. Re-Issue (Black)
    Rat Bones 2 97A 
    PIG Rails 
    Super Red Bearings 
    1/8 Element Risers 
    Indy 159's with Hard Black Bones Bushings 
    Indy Mounting Hardware 
    Mob Griptape
  • DARULE - Yeah.. they are nice
  • Kick-A Dagger, makes me want to setup mine!
  • Dude the orange rails look sick!
  • Thanks guys
  • Far out I can't wait to see the next colors of the future primitive and flaming dagger reissues, shouldn't be too much longer before the next set starts to appear. I hope they don't forget about the catalog items as well
  • I want a pink hawk. Fingers crossed.
  • I think the LMFP will be blue, at least that was what was leaked on twitter and posted on s&b.
  • I've seen a few floating round on eBay, have to pick up a set or two before they disappear
  • Those Green Rib Bones are available everywhere, I find it hard to believe that they are limited.
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