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  • and u gotta give the mullen chess skeleton one of those chess king hats or whatever it is lol
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    and there has to be holiday versions of the ripper and sword and skeleton like around xmas time they would come with xmas hats and a bag full of little skateboards lol the ripper would do a laugh then say ho ho ho and the s and s would have different colored eyes
  • yep so...... remember... if you guys ever hit a rut ...and need help marketing some new stuff? you can count on me and bill to come up with some ridiculous shit. =) bring it on.
  • that ripper laugh is classic by the way...... i can watch that animated ripper 6000 times and never get sick of it.
  • ripper stalkings where you touch his face and he does his laugh would be a hit. or ripper candy baskets that make the laugh would be a hit too.
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    lol haha i know dude right! check this out it is sick i took it from the skate america site years ago i couldnt resist!!!
  • that would be banging haha or a bank type thing where u feed it money and it laughs and says thank u
  • how about a movie called weekend at rippie's? hahahahaha
  • thats a cool animated pic by the way bill.
  • yea it is lol
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    how about a rock em sock em robots featuring the ripper and the s and s haha and some powell triple p throwing discs/frisbees
  • dude. i swear i fuckin had the rockem sock em robot idea an hour ago!!!!!!!! i had to drive home from work. shit!
  • nice. you beat me to it. dont worry................ give me time ill top it. =)
  • ok here it more small time shit.. ok folks. gather up the kids were headin to the "powell peralta theme park" oh yeah sure you can skate there..... thats a give in. the real attraction is.. well lets see..for starters the "mechanical dragon rollercoaster ride" the mike v elephant safari excursion. the wallows water ride complete with hawain music of course. the search for animal chin i-max experience. vcj inspired haunted house. the bones brigade stage show every night at 7pm with the bones brigade dancers.powell museum (duh) .....and stop by the concession stand for a ripper buger and fries. oh yeah and of course i almost forgot.... the future primative cave tour on train carts showcasing the powell peralta lineage with mechanical cavemen skating on primitive half pipes. =)
  • niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
  • yeah........... think about that vcj inspired haunted house for sec..... damn the possibilites are fucking endless. i could spend a month just drawing sketches of what it would look like inside. so bad ass.
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    haha yea and the person giving u the tickets has to be dressed up as animal chin and there could be a fire breathing dragon and the skeleton with the sword can jump out at u when u least expect it or run after the carts ppl are in or something
  • yeah... gotta have a fire breathing dragon. and flying half skeleton hawks swooping down at your head. the guerrero flaming swords pop out of the walls at you. dancing mullen chess skeletons. barbee death angel ghosts. christ...... i gotta get some shit done around my house i could do this all night. well finish this later!! =)
  • haha that is sick
  • the only problem is that Bill Gates doesnt skateboard. sorry to burst your bubbles
  • yeah well......... il settle for the mcgill snakeskin re-issue coming out in the spring of 09? =)
  • you have to admit...... that place would rock. = )
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