Odd things we did to our boards to help us.

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As I set up my daughter's board I got to thinking of the strange things we did in the past to assist us. Just reminiscing and wondering what things you guys did and maybe still do to your boards.

I remember putting my the rear bolts in my front truck upside down so the bolts stuck through the top of the deck to catch my foot and smooth out my ollies, before decks started coming with curved up noses and better concave. Or redrilling the front truck to move it back to give me a bigger nose, also before decks started coming with 8 holes. The strangest thing I remember was going with only one rail, toe side, to help "lean" back when rail sliding, until we realized it hampered us in back side slides.


  • Forgot to say, I remember those things all coming after we realized that we didn't need nose bones, tail bones, lappers, copers, and mini ribs. All things that just made the board heavier. It was like "taking this all off helps, what else could we do?".

    Ah, the days when we were still innovating the sport.
  • I remember taking the copers off for the first time and realizing how much better a grind was without them.

    I also did the front bolts upside for a few months, but on ramps and ditches they always cut me up, so I switched them back.

    I always used cleared grip tape and would cover the top with stickers.  

    I remember duct taping my chuck taylors or vans to make the ollie hole not happen, then vision street wear came out with the side rubber ollie patch and that was too cool.
  • Duct tape was "shoe renewer". That and cutting the lace saver off old Airwalks and lacing it so it would hang down and cover the ollie hole.
  • Anyone remember Z Roller trucks? The axle mechanism that acted like a rolling pin when you grinded? Or how about Thunder Bolt hardware? You actually pounded the bolt into the deck with a hammer so you didnt need a screwdriver.
  • I remember Z Roller trucks, heavy and lame.  A buddy had a set and the only time they worked was when grinding on lumber timbers, which was rare that you needed that anyway.

    There was always sex wax, long before anybody made skate wax.
  • How about drilling new holes for the rear because you skid the tail down too small?
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