Powell needs to make more 8.5 Popsicles and promote them

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I currently have the 8.5 x 33 inch Chin Mask and that is my only graphic option for that size. I have let several friends ride the 8.5 and now they want one. It is perfect for bowls/vert and should be marketed for that. That size mixed with the k15 is the best performance I have ever gotten from a deck riding Bowls and vert. Powell should make an 8.5 street deck that is shorter in length and wheelbase. Stop making so many 8 inch Popsicle options.


  • I agree, more 8.5 inch decks..other than the mini logos sounds fair
  • They should cut them down a bit and offer some 8.5x31.  It's a beautiful size and I had to go outside the SOC family in order to find one.
  • What do you guys think of that 8.75 Ray "Bones" Rodriguez Skull & Sword? Too big? Can you really skate street with that? I want to order one but I dunno
  • The skull and sword is great for vert/bowls but it has a 15 inch wheelbase which makes street skating more difficult.
  • Thats what I like about the skull and sword. 15" wheelbase is my ideal for any style.
  • I think Im gonna order one
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    I have a 8.75 Ray "Bones" Rodriguez Skull & Sword and it  feels big. I ride vert with it, but that is it. I ride 8.5 for parks and bowls. I have never really tried to just cruse around on that, but it would take some strong legs to bust out some kickflips with it. Well maybe cause that is the only board I have Indy trucks on and they are heavy to start with. (Not the hollow ones)
  • I had the one from 2 yrs ago  the black one what a  plank! heavy ! sold it -it sucked
  • The difference between the 8.5 and the 8.75 is tiny when you consider the 8.5 is 33.5 long while the 8.75 is 33.25 long. So they kind of balance out.
  • Would love a skull and sword in pink instead of the standard black, red and blue colors. Or even lime green.
  • Is the new skull and sword a navy dip or black dip?
  • Well, it's got black on top and the rails are black but the bottom is navy. The skull & sword graphic is larger than the previous 8.75 " Ray Bones. I picked up two of these, nice looking board.
  • I hate the way some are black rails and top and different on the bottom.
  • I just ordered one through SoCal. I am going to set it up with some Skull And Sword 90a wheels and it will be perfect for my rough and bumpy neighborhood, it will also make a good ditch rider.
  • I measured a minilogo 181 a while back and it was shorter than 33.5 I've read other people saying the same thing, so I think that is a misquote by Skateone.  As Britt said all Skateone decks are on the heavy/really stiff side, it's one of the reasons I think that kids bypass them.  Personally I think George Powell would sell more decks if he cut his veneers a tad bit thinner, so they conformed to say the width PS Stix uses.
  • Yeah they measure along the bottom of the deck, so when they list the skull and sword at 33.25" it actually is only 32.5" if you measure from tip to tip across the top. I think it is more practical and helpful to list measurements across the top of boards.

  • 65.00 for the navy blue skull sword -p2 flips I got one for 55.00 my local shop the flex helps the old man knees on backside airs ! -bones wheels are the best -but the decks ?
  • I have wondered what those P2 decks are like. So you would reccomend them Britt?
  • I was looking at them too, but I'm leery of new "technology" when it comes to decks.
  • All that P2 stuff is made in china, I'll pass. Powell makes the longest lasting decks, they may be stiff and a tad bit heavier, but I like that. Plus they are AMERICAN made, which is rare these days.
  • AHHHH CMON sooo serious with the American made !-right now I am trying skate as many more years as I can being 48 -gots to cut the weight of the set up -it s a lance mountain model !!!!!!!
  • chris seriously they are awesome it s my main vert board !
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    SK8ER i'm, with you man. If they put out a 8.5" deck that was the length and WB of their 8" (127 shape) deck I'd retire my search for the perfect 8.5" on that deck. 
    They did have a smaller 8.5" deck a few years ago when they were still doing the Ki11 concave (shape 171), wish they'd bring that back!
    The K15 is too steep for my liking on a deck that's under 9". I like em mellow.
    Currently have an SVT bass amp flattening out a deck that's concave is too steep and uncomfortable to me as we speak.
    Improvise!! =P
    (For the 8.5x33.5, I would actually re-drill a shorter wb and cut the deck shorter, but the nose and tail rockers would be in all the wrong places as the shape 181 is just too Cadillac long for that, I already contemplated it).
    Bring back shape 171!!
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