DTF for "Street" Skating?

Hi all, I've seen some DTF and wheel opinion threads flowing around here, but I think my question is a little different (apologies for starting a new thread if it's not!)

I'm a returning old-school street skater in search of the right wheel. A few months ago when I was getting back into it I wanted a softer ride - it was more about cruising and board time than tricks. I tried a few different soft wheels and they all fell apart or compressed too much, until I picked up some 54mm Softcores. I LOVE these wheels. Buttery ride, fast on the crappy NYC streets, no compression on manuals - awesome for cruising around popping ollies. Now that I've got some board time in, I'm getting back to flip tricks and ledges. I'm finding that the Softcores are a little too bouncy and grippy for this. I tried some 52mm Spitfires and I hate them. Ride is A LOT slower and a lot louder. Sliding is much easier of course, but that's the only thing I'm digging.

Looking at the threads and the bones line-up, it looks like 54mm DTFs might be my best bet. Softer ride but hard enough for sliding. One concern i have is the width, which comes in at 37mm - that's 3mm wider than the softcores. Any issues with these being slightly wider? Most "street" wheels are coming in between 29mm-34mm, so curious about possible drawbacks. Overall would you consider the DTFs to be a good overall street wheel - one that's fine for tech but great for cruising around too. Or do you guys suggest another wheel in the lineup?


  • never been to new york. and if the streets are more crapy than here in chicago which im sure they are... dtfs are probably your best bet. yeah sure the wider the wheel the harder to do "flip tricks" but you gotta have a happy medium for cruising if the roads sucks your gonna bail everytime you hit a small crack if the wheels are too small.
  • yea the streets can be a mess over here on the east (i live in maryland and new york is right above me)
  • if you do decide to get the DTF wheels remember that we are discontinuing them and to stock up. but as for the width having a impact on your skating, you will probably notice at first that they feel different and grip at little bit more than a narrower wheel. this is ok because after time you will learn how much umph it will take to get them to break loose. once you find that breaking point you will be comfortable and absolutely love these wheels. i think Bill has a set and rides some pretty hairy terrain. i have only ridden them in ditches and at the park and i love em.
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    yea i bought 2 sets i use them in parks and to cruise the dirty streets of bmore and of course still bang out the flip tricks they work fine for me!! so no reason not to buy them
  • they remind me of monster truck wheels lol
  • no that would be mini cubics =) and what a name for wheels that are not mini in the least bit. more like mega cubics
  • Thanks guys, bummer they're being discontinued if they're as good as everyone says they are. I'll try some out and if I love them I'll stock up on them.
  • yea they are worth the money fa sho
  • DTFs are great for North East outdoor skateparks. Other than that they are too hard for real, manly, board grabbing, downhill blasting, wall riding, street sliding, hit any thing you can find street skating - that type of riding is done w/Rat Bones in the 85A formulation. C'mon my fellow Old Guys, you see these modern street skating chimps, carrying their boards from smooth spot to smooth spot? Wheels as hard as granite, the size of lifesavers? Tell 'em to take the trucks off - makes the board easier to carry. Don't even get me started on the wax smeared all over the place. For a hard wheel DTFs are OK. I felt they were limiting my ability to roll smoothly and quickly from spot to spot here inBoston, and a couple of sweet banks I like to hit were too rough for the wheels. Rat Bones do it all. Kinda piggy on the flippy spinny ollie dorkie thing, but that stuff's for kids to do in parking lots anyway.
  • A friend of mine rides DTF's on streets and loves 'em.
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    thats funny that you say that. when we used to skate you skated from spot to spot. now these kids carry thier boards from spot to spot. especialy here in chicago the streets here suck big time. i see it all the time. very true.
  • I agree that 50-52mm wheels at 101a are pretty much useless for true street skating. Maybe great for getting tech on a perfect surface, or sessioning one spot, but lousy for going down the street. But a 60mm/44mm wheel at 85a is on the other extreme - roll over anything and everything, but pretty soft and clunky on those days you want to flip and spin your board all over the place. I think a 53-57mm/34-38mm wheel at 92-95a would be a nice balance. Like I said earlier, I'm riding 54mm softcores and love the size and soft ride, but at 80a they often grip when I don't want them too, and they get bouncy on certain tricks. I remember most street wheels durometer being around 95-97 in the late eighties/early ninetees and those slid well but didn't feel like rocks.

    I noticed that Spitfire has a softers line of wheels from 87-97a in various sizes. Pig is putting out modern shaped wheels at 95a also.I'd love to have a selection of bones wheels in that category. I'm not sure why Bones dumped DTF, unless the "ditch" classification confused people and they didn't sell well. I'm afraid to go for the DTFs because they're discontinued.
  • Ah, could we bring back these:

  • nice pic. sweet.
  • has anyone bought from that website? i was going to but it seems kinda shady.
  • we had a account that closed that was selling under the oldschoolskate.com name and we decided to close them down because we received calls from customers stating they never received products from that company. im pretty sure this is the same site because it does look a little iffy.
  • thanks. glad i asked.
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    i was tempted to buy some stuff from them but glad i didnt. i think alot of people would rather buy all thier stuff if they can from skateone. one purchase makes it easy from a reliable source. i know if i order something from you guys its defenetly showing up. back to wheel choice......... rat bones CANT be beat for cruising if your skating an old school "pig shaped" deck. like the skull and sword or cab2 etc..they also work great on half pipe and bowls. not as heavy as the mini cubics but not so great for street "flip tricks". i mostly skate the mike v. elephant deck. with g-bones and indy 169's. and they work good for kickflips etc..and for mini ramp. ive skated every re-issue made and thats still "the best" i dont ride popsicle decks and im not hitting handrails or doing 360 flips etc..so cant give you any advice on that. i think it would be good if you dropped the mini cubics and started making "cross bones" again. i dont know how big of a seller those mini cubics are. maybe people buy em. i dont know. but......... thats just my opinion. id like to see that vallely in WHITE again.. or pink, for next catalog please =)
  • I have bought plenty from OSS with no problems,there was another company with a similar name that screwed a lot of people,i can't remember the exact name but have read about them on skull and bones.I'll see if i can find the info.
  • cool. thanx. maybe ill give em a shot then.. cuz they do have a massive selection of powell wheels in great colors and still have a good selection of rail.tailbone.. etc in good colors. says thier located in illinois.. wish i knew where exactly cuz thats where i live and id like to take a walk through that place with a shopping cart and fill it up. they dont have a phone# on thier site. which kinda sux.
  • id like to see the mike v elephant in blue with orange letters
  • I thought this thread was about wheels?
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    it is. its about wheels.................and the mike v elephant in blue with orange letters. nice bill =) id buy that. never seen a blue one.
  • sorry. these threads usually somehow get off topic slightly. mostly my fault ill admit. some times its bills. usually its mine. anyway back to wheels................................ have you seen the mortal kombat game me and bill are working on? =)
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