DTF for "Street" Skating?



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    haha what about some mortal kombat bones wheels lol i think the main reason things go off topic is because we are just into stuff and it just goes off course without us realizing it
  • yeah you could have shang tsung flaming green skull wheels. like the green balls of flame he shoots out at you.
  • those woudl be banging he could be throwing out the bones rat as his projectile or something
  • "I have bought plenty from OSS with no problems"

    oldschoolskatersonline.com is a good site but oldschoolskates.com is NOT. i just dont want to see any buddies get ripped off.
  • Haven't lurked here for a while. I'm disappointed to hear the DTFs are being discontinued. What happened to cause that? Anything similar in the pipeline to replace them as far as hardness & feel?
  • ppl didnt really buy them up i guess because alot of ppl dont skate ditches...ditches were pretty much something of the 80s and 90s but u can still buy dtfs on the specials link for only 20 bucks
  • we stopped making them so we can do more research on making other formulas like STF, SPF, and ATF even better. We also wanted to put more focus on our BONES 100 formula in hopes we can create even beter wheels for other niches of skateboarding
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