bones brigade DVD - special edition

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I'm sure you guys got the same email as me, but if not, they're releasing a special edition DVD and blueray of the BB doco

Bonus features include:

Bones Brigade On Set Hundreds of hours of interviews were shot on the set. These are nuggets that weren't used in the film.

Cutting Room These great parts were dropped from the film during the editing.

Sundance Film Festival Highlights Join the Bones Brigade during their week at Sundance, including audience Q&A highlights.

Santa Barbara International Film Festival Premiere Catch the red carpet and rooftop after-party.

Bones Brigade Slideshow Some of the motion control footage that wasn't used in the movie, plus archival photographs, all set to Bones Brigade video tunes.


  • I refuse to pay another $20 for this, it's clearly a cash grab and a slap in the face to those who forked out as soon as it was released and paid full price when they ended up hocking it on netflix and iTunes later on..that's if you're not Australian. Otherwise you have no option (other than illegal download) than to pay $30 retail from their "exclusive" distributer, who incidently has nothing to do with skating and never supported the industry in any shape or form.
  • That is bs. Releasing a special edition so soon after we payed for the original, just for some special features that I will watch on youtube for free in a month or two!
  • I'll just quit skateboarding then.
  • Yea, this is fucked.  I, like many people, shelled out a bunch of cash for one of their packages, shitty shirts, clearly lower quality than their other shirts, thin flexing decks, and a DVD and package that took forever to arrive.  Now after a complete cluster fuck of an ordeal I must shell out more money for a bunch of "cutting room floor" stuff that should have been included on the DVD in the first place.

    I feel like Mike minute I'm singing the praises of PP, the next I'm hoping SMA comes back to life so I can buy their shit.

    They better reissue a black LMFP after all this.
  • I quit buying Powell Peralta boards in 1989 and went with SMA Natas decks. Mainly because PP graphics went to shit.
  • I'll still re-buy it though. You know everyone in this forum will.
  • I'll want to see it, I'm sure I will *cough*piratebay*cough*.
  • I'll look for it on YouTube first and if I think it's worth it, I'll fork out for a DVD as I only got the download last time. Still not impressed, I think Powell should give a free download version to the people who paid full price the first time round. I'm over this shit, I wish I could go back a few months and not bother with all this, at least then I would still have an idealistic and nostalgic view of my favourite company, instead of looking at them the same as I do every other business treating their loyal customers like a bunch of suckers
  • Now they have cut their current team all they hyave left is nostalgia really. Milking it while they can!

  • Not buying it's all a money game when sales are done let's put deleted scenes sell it again nope not me
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    SMA is back, they have reissued Jim T. Joker deck and Julien Strangers too.
  • don t be shocked lil wayne has a pro deck with alien w and I know he can t do a proper invert ! what a all time low for skateboarding but that s what the rap element does -yes rap music sucks ! I said it like he needs more money

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    workshop thing was a joke he does however ride for supra and 5boro
  • For a change, I'll have to agree with britt, rap music sucks balls! :)
  • oh uhhh  him and bieber shirtless that says it all
  • That's the guy who stomped on the American flag, right?
  • I think the bieber thing's worse
  • Rap music is the downfall of our society. It should be banned .   It's dumb.
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    After hearing about the BB special edition, ( I too was a preorder customer) I felt the same as Mayhem Miller did:

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