weird shapes coming soon


  • I like it alot...I just hope the damn thing ain't Cadillac long like the other 33"+ long decks.
    I always wanted the graffiti ripper...this shape kinda sorta reminds me of it.
  • Cool graphic. Love the ad. ;)
  • vert is back !
  • Dudes if that thing is like 30-31" long and about 9.5ish wide I'm gonna lose my shit, love that graphic
  • thrasher ad says 8.5 x 32
  • first trick -Andrechts  !
  • Hahaha

  • Is that "skate like an old man"?
  • they are fun to blast in front of the clueless youngster s who are afraid of a trick that you have to practice and master and they aren't boring like a kick -flip over and over vert rules !
  • It's funny, back in the day I thought vert was boring compared to street. Curbs, rails, stairs, walls, shopping carts, parking stops, etc. Now, with parks all being similar, flat ground has become flipping the board every time. True street skating became park skating and lost its soul.
  • True brothas.....I agree
  • you can pull andrechts on curbs I have done them ! the kick -flip was an original freestyle trick from  the 70s -so street came from freestyle dudes ! Rodney mullen was referred to as a freestyle skater @ vert is more challenging and baggie pants are not recommended !
  • Back before the "small wheels/baggy pants" era, "loose" pants were so awesome.  As much as I hated the company, Vision made the best skate pants.....even those hideous ones that said VISION down one leg, those were so comfortable when it wasn't warm enough to wear shorts.  Vision, SK8 rags, and PP sweat pants.....oh, and they were horrible to look at and I hated the fashion, but Skidz were great too.
  • YEAH YOU ARE right  I remember those like what animal of the road warriors wore in the gym -I agree
  • I always said the "grunge" look was a fashion stolen from a functional look skaters created. Short sleeve t shirts over sweat shirts, shorts over sweat pants. Two different shoes because your back shoe was nice and broken in but your front shoe had an ollie hole that was unfixable.
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  • everyone order some !!!! let s kill skinny jeans !!!!!
  • Legion of Doom style!
  • pants for the lame
  • bones sweats are for the rad
  • ok doc what do you sport ? let me know MAD RATS ?
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    I go all out, off my rocker.. ..
    .... ..
    I wear normal shorts & tracksuit pants.
    I should say that its the colours & zebra wannabe stripes that I find lame.. no offence if you are sporting them, we all have stuff thats super gay in our closets. No puns intended lol!!
  • JUST demon padded shorts  wow with the gay  comment  too easy !
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