Gelfand deck now available!

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I'm really torn whether to buy one or not, understand the significance of the guy, but I don't look at this deck with the same rose colored glasses as I do say a snakeskin McGill. I may just leave it for those out there who reeeaally want one or the muppets who plan on flogging it on eBay when they're all sold out


  • I have a camo one, I think I'll leave it at that.
  • I got one on Monday, I like the color. It also has a 16" wheelbase, I don't think I have a wheelbase that length yet.
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    Are you going to set it up FAUS? Put some pics up if you do please
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  • yeah florida skaters claim everything!
  • I'd like to put picks up of all my set up's,but I'm kind of computer stupid. All I know how to do is buy shit online.
  • I snagged one right away after I received the email notification, as I neglected to purchase one last time. It's a sweet looking deck, and I love the bright green stain and silver dragon. Wall hanger, for sure. 
  • @ faus i made a tutorial on how to upload them to the forum forever ago
  • I received the two Gelfand decks I ordered. Both are beautiful, BUT both have blemishes on the top picture of the dragon. Both decks!!! How? What happened to the quality control that is spoken of in the You Tube videos touring the factory?
  • not really gonna matter if u put grip over it or it gets scratched up from the ground
  • i think the point here is quality control. there is a cetain level of expectation when you order a powel peralta deck. they dont know if its going to get skated,hung up, stored for 20 years, etc.. especially on a ltd edition deck, ltd run. they should be perfect.
  • Agreed, I inspected mine & it was good. I know that feeling though, when you order something & it's not up to par. Really drives me insane...
  • Im one of those that reckons it would look better hanging than being ridden.

  • They are hangers. I wouldn't know what to do with a board that wide anymore. I am too used to popsicle shaped boards. 
  • I pulled the blems and made 14 completes with them,  available now. As for cother2, you can contact me directly to see what we can do about your decks.
  • hmm those look nice n old school.. good move.
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