Stacy Peralta Hipster model

Any idea when it will be finished and availaable for sale?



  • i saw the first test deck yesterday that has to be approved, so maybe next week
  • Got one Monday. This board is so insane it is not even funny. I got it to use as a cruiser and maybe do some cones, but then I took it to the park. Oh wow! It flows so good, carves the pool like nothing else and blasts big airs!
  • does that board have a kicknose? just wondering..
  • Yeah it has a 6 inch kick nose I believe, but it kind of tucks in like the Siaz Feather model did, not so round like popsicle shapes. It has a long wheelbase as well which makes it very stable.
  • nice. i may have to grab one of those eventualy
  • What size trucks did you put on it? I have 149's with Bombers, and I'm not really feelin' how much they stick out...
  • I tried my 149's and 139's both with 56 mm SPF's. I felt the same for the back truck sticking out so far on the 149, but felt the 139 set to far in on the front. I also like the wider hanger for the 56 and up wheels to lock on to coping so I went with the 149's. I got used to the look after a day or so but it does throw people when they first try it. I used it for some slalom the other day down my street and set up the 139's with some sweet Alligator's and it felt much better for slalom with narrow trucks (maybe even down to 129?). This is such a versatile deck! Way to go Powell and nice to see the pic of Stacey cruising too!
  • thank you, and we are happy to make be making skating fun for everyone.
  • I decided to go with 139's with my new setup - rockin' 85A Bombers. The 149's just looked to weird to me sticking out. The 139's look perfect, glad I did it.

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    Heres mine
  • the shape is pretty rad
  • The shape is pretty neat. It's like an old school 70's shape updated for the 2000's...
  • it's a landshark haaa
  • u need to put eyes on that thing and a nose and some gills that would be sick hahaha
  • This past week and a half on this board have rocked!!! SOC you guys made a winner here. I applaud you guys for being creative with shapes and design.
  • I just set mine up today and hit my local concrete bowl and I have never had so much fun!

    -56mm Daggers SPF
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