OK do you guys have a deal with Hawk?



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    oh yeah..you want a chicken skull deck in every color ever made? no prob if you got $5550.00 buy it now. ive bought from this guy before. fast shipment. no complaints...hes got alot of good stuff. looks like he might be clearing out his collection? check out his other stuff... crazy....
    heres the link:
  • Just proves the case that this deck needs to be reissued.
  • the green one is hot....a santa hat would look dope on it haha
  • Yeah those are sick collections he is selling. Why is he asking so much for the McGill? I know it is a sweet deck but that is a lot for one!
  • i dont know but im sure someone will buy it. =)
  • Picked up the Hawk Bottlenose (The one pictured in the Ad), and the Lance Mountain Future Primitive today. Too bad the Stickers are not printed on clear, then they would be perfect.
  • man i would do anything for a reissue of the skull cross deck, it was my first powell board i got a few years ago. funny thing is that when i got it it didnt have a scratch on it and now it is destroyed, but signed by Mike Vallely
    on a side note at the demo mike signed it he thought my OG hawk board and my reissue Hill Shirt were rad, which is rad !
  • Yeah I would skate the hell out of one if made, as long as it's not the pig.
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    I found this interesting on Skull and Bones
    " said:
    I actually asked Hawk about this very subject recently and he said he would love to reissue that board on Powell.
    He said he and George had discussed it and it was just about waiting for the right time to do it.
    Apparently Ray Underhill's passing had led to contact between them and things were cool.

    The birdmans words, less than a month ago.
  • thanks for the news Shin. i guess we will just have to wait for the right time then.
  • Waiting Eagerly. Hopefully the new McGill will make the wait easier.
  • I would buy like 5 of every color. It would be a license to print money for everyone involved on the Powell end, including Hawk...
  • "It would be a license to print money for everyone involved on the Powell end, including Hawk..."

    yeah...... no argument there. nuff said.
  • ......One to ride......one to hang on the wall.....and one as a spare...:)
  • awesome to see Tony skating the old school board...sure would be nice to see the Iron Cross and McGill snakeskin reissues
  • underhill used to work here on the east at a distribution company called eastern skate supply and as for the right time that will probably be when hawk needs some dough
  • does tony realize he could be making big money every one including me wants one i mean damn come on a plastic toy instead of a real deck the 1983 mod. on the paper needs to be re-issued bad really bad ...i have been on e bay for 9 hours looking at the bird claw one witch also needs to be re-issued .... my point is they would kill and be really rad
  • I think Tony has already made BIG MONEY as far as this industry is concerned. He has moved on to the tech world, watch for the Apple Tpod releasing this summer, if you get it you will be able to pull 900's and huge body jars!
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