911 on Frankie Hill Deck

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What is the significance of the "911" within the rear truck holes on the bulldog deck. Does anyone know if there's a story behind that?


  • great question, ill be investigating that one today and post when i find out.
  • k-9 unit lol
  • ha. thats actually pretty damn good.. didnt even think of that.
  • our art guys that would know the answer havent showed up yet. Bill i would have to say that guess is pretty logical. the other guess from my coworker was that they dialed 911 when he broke his knee at UCSB doing some big ole ledge.
  • or maybe he didnt know the number for 911 and they put it on there so he would remember for next time
  • I would have to agree with the K-9 Unit suggestion - that makes sense. Interesting that it's hidden under the rear truck. Speaking of K-9, how would you describe the k15 concave for this deck? More or less concave than the modern K12? I'm assuming more, but wasn't sure - I didn't skate powell decks back then, although I remember seeing Hill's opening part in Ban This and thinking "man, I really suck..." And I didn't think I did before that.
  • actually the k-9 unit thing was a joke i think jesse's co-worker is correct i vaguely remember something about the broken leg being mentioned about the 911 thing
  • watch his part in public domain. thats the shit. him and ray barbee were doin stuff then before ban this that peple were just scratchin thier heads goin..... huh?
  • i think the full story is that he fucked his leg up and they called 911 and a k-9 unit came
  • i don't think the 911 has anything to do with the injury that ended his career. He's skating the bulldog deck in propaganda (pre-career ending injury). It must have some other meaning.
  • well there is always google
  • i talked to one of the guys here that used to skate with him and was also in FP. he said that its because he used to go bigger than anyone could ever imagine and that everyone was always ready to dial 911.
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    that sounds about right
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