So about the powell peralta and classic shirts...



  • nah, hed say "Bro! I work at Zumies"
  • "Bro! I work at Zumies" i like that even better lol!
  • no he works at pac sun haha
  • That's where I am having some personal issues accepting if I became a poser or not. Today, working, being a Father and a Husband, and being in my mid 30s, I don't find much time to skate. The little skating I do is just grabbing my board and riding around the neighborhood for a while, hitting a few curbs, just letting off some steam. While I don't wear skate clothes all the time, I do have a lot of the reissued shirts, which I wear on a regular basis. In my head, I justify it by feeling that I "paid my dues". I have the X-rays and the surgery scars to prove the dedication I once held to skating....back when I would skate to school, from school, every waking hour after school...and ALL weekend long...for YEARS. But still....I'm not really a skater any more. I simply don't have the time.

    I remember hating...HATING posers back in the day. Brand new Airwalks or Vision SW with no tears and no make shift patch to cover the "ollie hole" sweat stains in the shirts, and if they owned a board, it was covered with rails and the graphic was in PERFECT condition. I hated those people. Yet here I am today, buying all the PP reissued shirts I can find. I guess even though I don't have the time to dedicate to skating...I'll always be a skater at heart.
  • 1. Back around 83, there was a Powell shirt w/Bombers on it. Airplane type bombers. Mighta been a Bones Brigade? My friend Jon had one and it was the nuts.

    2. Pink "Fly Powell Peralta" shirt w/the flies on the back. I still have my circa 84 T - Its basically a rag.

    Make more o' them. Make more kids sizes in your classic Tees, too. We'd all stuff our kids in 'em.
  • i hear ya chris. im mid 30's as well. mortgage, girlfriend. kid. career.. bla blabla etc.... sux. wish i could skate everyday =( i set a dedicated time slot from 9am to noon every sunday at the local park. i usually never miss a session. its a nice outlet after 55 to 60 hours of brain damage mon -fri. good for the soul =)
  • and yeah. im all over that Pink "Fly Powell Peralta" shirt w/the flies on the back. make the sticker again too!!! best sticker ever!!!!!!
  • we had that shirt (Fly Powell Peralta) a few years back and we discontinued it. ill add it to the product request sheet and turn it in. thanks
  • "Yet here I am today, buying all the PP reissued shirts I can find. I guess even though I don't have the time to dedicate to skating...I'll always be a skater at heart."

    All of those old shirts and graphics represent the soul of skateboarding. They're a way of saying "never forget." Wear 'em with pride.

    At least I could understand why kids in the 80's wanted to wear a P&P or Santa Cruz shirt. I don't even see the point of being a poser in this era - the graphics are dismal.
  • because skateboarding is the cool thing now and ppl want to look like they skate so they can get the opposite sex
  • the graphics are dismal......... or lack there of completely.
  • those graphics are timeless. they do represent an era, a time that skateboarding entered the mainstream and changed the lives of a lot of people. to the people that were around for that, those graphics will take them back to that part of their life. its pretty awesome that a small piece of art can mean so much. today graphics are changed monthly so the meaning behind them is far less and memorable. im sure the Volcom stone has not had too big of a impact on most people lives to remember it forever. but then again i dont have any volcom clothes.
  • well put. couldnt of said that any better myself.
  • im a fan of volcom and the stone doesnt really do anything for me just the company name and graphics
  • we talk to the main artist all the time here at work. hes a fan of our stuff and calls just to talk sometimes. hes a pretty cool cat, im just bitter about buying clothes cause i know how much companies make off them
  • yea the volcom stuff is super expensive
  • I live in Australia and l only wear Powell Peralta shirt's now. We didn't get much in regard's of shirt's here back in the day. That's why alot of us are making up for it now, and that's why we keep hounding you about what shirt's we'd like to see! Just bring the Hill Bulldog shirt and bone's shred shirt back as l missed both run's with them!!
  • ill add your requests to the list. its hard to come out with new product often due to the fact we only change our catalog once or twice a year max. sorry if any product requests get denied or not accepted.
  • Any chance we will see reissue PP sweat pants?
  • yeah the ones with the rat skeletons going down the leg. i had a pair of those.
  • that would make a good winter time accessory. ill add that
  • need to compliment those sweats with a nice skull cap like this......
  • that beanie is sick buuuuuuuuuuuuut the thing is those short beanies suck the best ones are the big ones that go all the way down
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