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i just saw the lance mountain stecyk limited edition deck. that really pisses me off. that graphic should of been on a powell deck not a flip!! i know that board was never actually in production but come on that was his deck in the first powell video. sux. =(


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    i know its not your guys fault. im just venting. that would of made perfect " reject" graphic.
  • its ok to vent. lance has his reasons for being the way he is. what they are i have no idea. him and tony and tommy should put the past behind them and just ok their old graphics to be done.
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    fa sho do they have a choice on the colorways
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    no. its orange just like the one in the "bones brigade video show" minus the powell peralta part. supposedly.. there were only three of these original decks stenciled by stecyk and that was supposed to be lances first graphic on powell, but they decided on the future primitave graphic instead. its really simple but.. the graphic is a part of history for me. has no business on a "flip" deck no offense to flip... but it just doesnt belong on that board. im not sure who the hell hes trying to appeal to.. cuz any old school guy like my self (ie) collecter/skater. wants the "real deal" it looks sweet... no denying that but i aint throwin down the cash for a flip. if it was powell i would of bought 3 of those lance!!.... bad call dude. =( ..just not right. get over it.
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    well since he skates for flip he can pretty much do what he wants lol what if they had the chicken skull on a flip lol that would be great i was really never a fan of lance anyway he kind of looks like a stoner
  • no...... he looks like "bert" from bert and ernie on sesamie street.
  • those big ass eye brows.
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    oh well........... i got my future primitive re-issue. that was his best board. always one of my favs. it is what it is.
  • lol sesame street
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    that FP reissue is worth bucks now. i remember when we did it and i was about to get one towards the end of the batch thinking there was going to be another and i went to pull a ticket for one and there was already like 20 back ordered. i missed out on that one for sure. but i did get a cab propeller deck which is rad. we did 500 that got autographed and i got one that wasnt. its a blem and has the rail sanded down in to the graphic just a little but not really noticeable. im psyched on it.
  • i remember that graphic was on a shirt and a new school shape with with a orange background that graphic is sick when is the new powell vid coming out
  • I wonder how the whole thing works with copyrights on graphics and what not. I mean, PP needed Lance to sign off on his logo for the reissue...but was that for his name or the logo as well? Could Lance issue a board on Flip that had the FP graphics or would PP be able to block that?
  • well in order for powell to re-issue a old pro graphic they have to call up the pro and ask if it is ok since it is THEIR graphic
  • Does that mean, in theory, any pro could use an old Powell graphic on a board with their new team? I remember Frankie Hill's bulldog graphic being reissued with another company. I don't know what the demand would be for an old PP graphic on another companies board...I know I wouldn't buy it. Just curious.
  • well i believe in some cirumstances they can but like i said earlier when tony hawk used his chicken skull graphic for birdhouse in the 90s he had to pay powell for every board he made with that graphic so i think it depends on the situation
  • il let jesse answer officially on the lance flip. but i think in that case it never actually said "lance mountain" on the board. also it was never available for sale retail to the public only 3 made. 2 were stolen and lance still has the original. so since its technicaly a graphic "stecyk" drew but never got paid by powell to market its between lance and stecyk to decide where it goes.. unfortunatly its on a "flip" where it does not belong. but thats life. it sucks. and i also....... would not buy a powell graphic on some other companies board thats like putting a " ferrari" emblem on a honda.. yeah its a car but just not.. the same kind, and obviously not as nice. =)
  • u could be like oh it is a ferrari prototype lol
  • yeah.. "a prototype" lol
  • Yea, my favorite graphic was the Mountain FP...I wouldn't buy a Flip with that graphic on it. Then again, I own a near mint red and black original and one of the I don't "need" one. Just like the Hill Bulldog deck that was reissued by that other company (can't remember which it was). It was issued before the PP reissue...and being one of the decks I rode back when...I didn't buy the non-PP reissue.

    I guess I'm a loyalist.
  • oh it was called revolver skateboards there was a big difference because the revolver graphic had dog footprints
  • yup. me too bro. i hear ya. if it aint a powell im not intrested.
  • check out this frankie hill colorway i just found
  • yeah thats pretty sweet. that board is one of the few decks that look really good in black too.
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