lance mountain flip



  • Lance was always my favorite skater, and the FP was always my Holy Grail, even as a kid. When I was younger, I kept missing one for some reason. I need to get one of those. NOS or reissue - I'm just going to have to pony up the bucks eventually I guess.

    And I did pre-order the Flip.
  • good morning guys. the way it works is if we decide we want to reissue a past riders deck/graphic we need their approval regardless if it has their name on the deck or not. we can give the ok to other companies to use our graphics but i think it has rarely happened. so basically we own the rights to the graphics but to use them it takes the ok of the person that the graphic belonged to.
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    interesting. thanks for confirming =).........should of told lance.." yeah sure u can use the skull graphic on flip... but we want another run of fp decks!! =) oh well. thanx jess.
  • haha that would have to have georges approval and im pretty sure hes staying out of the blackmail dept.
  • yeah well......... like i always say "gotta ask" =) lol
  • I have a old Firm board with a Bert graphic, on top it says "Stinky fat old man" on the sesame street logo its from around '93 or 94. Will Flip want to reissue that as well ??
  • u never know cause he does technically own that graphic since he owned the firm
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