concave depth

I want to buy a new 10" old school Powell-Peralta deck.

but I don't know how deep is the concave.

I browsed Powell-Peralta web site and it says at of the table some numbers that I don't know how to interpret:

does the "depth" means that it is the concave's height from the deck's surface to the deck's to sides perpendicularly ? (geometry)

I read in some of the discussions that the new reissued decks are quite flat, but as it says in the web site, the depth is 0.46",

which is 11.68 millimeters (for the sp2 model) so it seems to me that it is not that flat, or that I am wrong with something?

I looked at the Powell-Peralta Tony Hawk reissued deck on some photos in the Internet and it didn't look as deep as the sp2 model.

I also looked at the caballero new reissued deck:

and it didn't seemed to have too much concave even though it says "sp2" model.

can some one please explain me where I am wrong?



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