Red non-rib bones, or black PP rib bones on a black LMFP?

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Facing a dilemma.....well, I hope I'm facing a dilemma.  I am anticipating the final colorway for the LMFP to be black.....which would have red figures and gold lettering.  I would like to have red rib bones, then two red mini-rats and two black mini-rats, on G&S chromoly trucks.  I'm working on collecting my other items....trucks are being difficult, but the rails are impossible.

So my issue is, do I go with red ugly sticks or black rib bones?  I like the idea of red more, but I really loved the feel and slide of rib bones.  


  • I wish they would reissue some red rat bones. Why don't they offer more options with the rat bones colors, especially with all these reissues they keep putting out.

    I would go with the rib bones.
  • Chris if you're desperate for red rib bones I found a full red set of plastics for $100 on fleabay
  • Otherwise I'd go with red airbourne rails if I could get some more
  • spraypaint them
  • I want to skate it, first curb would kill that.

    I'm thinking about that set, slippery, thanks.  I might get it and flip the nose and tail for a few bucks.  
  • No probs, I figured you might be's just a little pricey than what you'd hope for but good for the set..I got a blue set from him minus the copers and risers for $60 for the next hawk, gonna put blue gullwings with OG pink g bones wheels and blue griptape
  • i wish the new rib bones were the same shape
  • Chris.    There's some on ebay. There's a seller who has red, black, blue, white and maybe green. He must have a lot of old stock. I bought some blue and white ones. Starting bid is 20, but I got mine for 41 each. That's what they go for. From Canada.
  • Are you sure they aren't mini-ribs?  I have been searching ebay for a while and the only ones I have seen are mini-ribs and the link Slippery posted.   
  • I was thinking of that, but will it penetrate? I don't want them turning white after a few curb slides. I remember trying to dye a set of white oj2 team riders a long time ago and it didn't work. I also boiled them because someone told me it would harden them. That didn't work either.
  • I dunno if this matters or not, but BONES is going to introduce yellow, red, orange and purple SPF wheels into the line for FALL 2013. So maybe some other Skate One stuff might get a touch of color this fall too.
    With Thin Ribs being discontinued I can't see how they could not when Pig makes a bunch of colored rails.
  • anything is worth a shot if the wheels didnt work then u must have done something wrong along the way
  • Chris, I just saw that he's out of red and black. But white goes good with everything though.

  • I dye wheels all the time - Bones wheels.

    You gotta use alot more dye than you'd think you should on Bones...and they have to soak for a few days too.
    SPF and STF urethane is very dense and doesnt take too well to absorbing dye, but with hot enough water and enough dye and time and patience it works great!

    As for dying rails, the plastic will be alot harder so it'd take prob even longer because the material is denser.

    Dylon and other brands for some reasons don't do anything at all - I've wasted $$ on it and know from experience.
    So, only use RIT dye! If you want full on detailed instructions email me.
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    I tried rit dye on a tailbone and it didn't work..although I only soaked it for a few hours which I thought should have done it but to no avail
  • did u use boiling hot water and stuff too? it's a tricky thing with takes time and sometimes some water/dye reheats.

  • Yea I used boiling water and all that, I didn't try reheats though, might try that next time. I used instructions I found on YouTube, but didn't factor for the tailbone maybe having harder plastic than the wheels used in the demo
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    Yeah, the denser the thing is you want to dye, then you need more dye, hotter water, and a longer dying time. 

    I'll give you an example -

    I dyed a set of 97a's blue last week, took less than a day and it went deep into the wheel.
    When I've dyed STF's the wheels were in the dye for 2 and a half days and still didn't go all the way through.
    The darker, more vivid colors work best when dying, and it's almost impossible to do flashy neon type colors using RIT dye.
    Those are things I've learned the hard way. Trying to make Lime green on an STF was impossible. In the end I had wasted so many boxes of dye and after all that I just had to dye em teal to cover up the green disaster.  For that I just re-dyed them in a blue...but ya gotta go easy on the dye, only add a little at a time till you see how it looks.

    fun fact - if you don't like the darkness of a color, you can use the RIT dye remover in boiling hot water and soak the wheels or whatever overnight, it lightens them...yes I tried, i'm that experimental...and mental! haha! : )

  • Cool dude, thanks for the tips :)
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