Steadham Spade

alright so i just got the stedham deck and i need the hardware...what is the most common hardware used on it ? my first powell classic so i have no clue where to start. trucks, bearings, wheels, i need all the above. what brand, size all that jazz. so any input would be sweet.


  • Indy trucks, RocknRons bearings, wheels: any made by POWELL - i've given up on
    anyone else when it comes to the best urethane... George Powell hinted in the
    Concrete Wave interview that Skate One trucks might not be too far away in the future,
    I'd sure like to try a precision pool truck engineered by him & the crew. In any case,
    have fun w/the new setup!
  • Hey stevo1. Did you get the Steadham street or 10" wide Steadham? I'm tryng to decide between the 2. I like the old school shape of the 10" but also like the contemprary shape of the 8.25" I'll be using the setup for mostly street, cruising, etc. Input from anyone re: which one I shoudl go with would be appreciated.
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