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Pretty stoked on all this spam. this weekend i got some new jewelry, made a couple real estate investments, said hello to new guys and girls, and am pretty pumped on treadmills. all in all a pretty productive weekend... thanks spammers! 


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    LMAO!!! Me too!! What a crazy weekend brotha..
  • haha the forum was so ridiculous over the weekend
  • I'm finally glad I signed up. 

    I'm the new guy here.

  • haha..... the saga continues..

  • so glad im on this site! check out my blog to find out how to win money from the prince of time offer!
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    I just made $$$ posting this comment and asking the person next to me for a dollar
  • Oh, don't get your hopes up, I met him also.   I'm helping him move some money around, he said there's a few bucks in it for me. 

    Can't wait to be rich!!!
  • i wanna clue you guys into this sick property in sardinia... you NEED to invest in...... and a rulin treadmill
  • Boy I am glad you Registered Posted that!
    Now's the time to buy land, thanks for the heads up PPK187!
    And I too am still waiting for my ulin treadmill to show up.
  • I hate spammers! I'm testing some new ways to stop them.
  • always happens during the weekend
  • fully. didn't notice it much this weekend, road tripped to a Sabbath concert. i feel like i might have missed out on some dope opportunities, what a drag
  • I'm glad I finally signed up.
  • that femme's hella grosse 
  • ... and i too am glad i finally registered.. again..
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