Axe Rated

I've seen half of it when I was a kid, how about releasing it on to the masses? We want BBV5 for our collections surely they would sell.


  • I actually have an original copy. I got it from a local skate shop years ago. It is a short video, like 10 minutes long....basically an ad video they were supposed to show in the store. The cover is one of those old flaps that slide into the plastic tape holder, kind of like what Blockbuster used to use. The cool part is that the back of the cover is signed by both Stacy and George...the sigs look real and not part of the art. I don't think it's worth any money, per se, but it is a cool collectable.
  • "It is a short video, like 10 minutes long"

    thats probably why we dont release it but ill add this to the request log and pass it on. thanks
  • Then how about releasing it as a podcast?
  • Is this what you're looking for?
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