Song from Vallely's Part in Public Domain

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Anyone know what the second song in his PD part is, and where I can buy it, download it, acquire it, whichever option comes first?


  • man............ thats a great question. that is a great song. i would love to know my self.
  • i found this on via google it should be the complete soundtrack but who knows anyway here:

    Swiss Viking - Shave The Razor Wheels
    Rad Boyz - Future Primitive (feat. Wideload) (Skateboard Blues II)
    The Weberettes - Cleaning Crew
    Rad Boyz - Wren Travel
    Los Pukes - Fast Fun East
    Los Pukes - Condemned
    Rad Boyz - Calling All Cars
    Rad Boyz - Roll Daddy Roll (feat. Wideload)
    The Knight - Big Dog
    N.T.L.A. Combo Nation - At The Pit
    N.T.L.A. Combo Nation - Dancing In The Nuclear Age
    Los Pukes - One, Two, Three, Four
    William Christiaan - Airborne
    Johnny Rad And The Jordanaires - Skate And Create
    Robert Arrons - Sax On Skates
    Steve Caballero - Love Letters
    The Blue Tilettes - Pool Party
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    here. this should shed some light.. (read near the bottom)
  • you guys rip. thanks for helping me with this one.
  • we should be admins :P
  • tell me about it. =)
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