Cab Ban This/ Future Primitive deck shape

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Does anyone have either of these decks?
How does it feel?
I like short, but wide boards. I really like that 1991-early 92 shape. 9"+ in width and around 32" long.
Want to get it but wanted any opinions first. I would drill the wheelbase shorter too.
It's this or a Hill ear.


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    btw - I mean the modern deck shape...not the original deck shapes.
  • I have one and really like it. I was riding a mountain family and was skeptical but I'm stoked I got one. I like longer wheelbases though. If you're into the early 90's shapes I think you'll like it.
  • The cab btw...
  • I had been riding the 8.5 Chin Mask deck, but about two weeks ago I set up the new green Ban This Cab deck.  I love it.  I put Indy 159's and Rat Bone 2 PF wheels with 1/4 risers.  I mostly ride an indoor skatelite bowl and a couple of cement bowls.  I like the Ban This/Future Primitive shape because it is shorter than the 8.5 popsicle yet wider.  
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    Nice, thanks guys! That's what I ride SK8ER, indoor bowls, but masonite.
    I skate on the street here through the week and then head up to Massachusetts one night a week to skate those bowls.
    I'll be rockin Mini Logo 8.75's on it, (They are the best turning trucks I've ever had, no lie, I've had em all, over 23 years and still these turn better than anything)! Just think of them as Powell trucks, they would've had the Powell triple P logo, but then they also would've been more expensive too. Doing it this way w/ the ML makes it easier for us to get em on our boards. No bullshit! Just skating! Super strong, super amazing turn, very light. My 250lb friend breaks and bends even titanium trucks like Theeves and kills Indy's and even he couldn't break the Mini Logo trucks, and oh boy did he try!

    I'll prob use 54 or 56mm Bones SPF's or STF's, I tend to like STF better on masonite, less slip.
    Like I said, I'm drilling the wheelbase back 3/8". (it's super simple to do, you just use the furthest baseplate holes on a 6 hole pattern plate, and then drill down the bottom 2, and then the middle 2 below the top of the 6 and your done, new truck holes! You can do this in 3/8" increments back and forth. It makes it really accurate and straight when you screw done the top 2 nuts before you drill, and make it flush by pushing downwards on the baseplate towards the tail. Super easy! I'll have that late 91-early 92 deck shape afterall! Stoked!
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    Wow that's a great tip for redrilling a deck, I feel stupid now I hadn't thought of using a 6 hole baseplate as a guide
  • I got the new Ban This deck and drilled out the wheelbase last night. Easy and quick!
  • rad man. so is the new ban this a green stain or dip? not too sold on the color, i preferred the blue one but whatever, it's just a skateboard
  • Man I really like the green..and I'm not just talkin about the skateboard ;)
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    Ok, I gotta tell you guys, I got to skate the new Cab Ban This deck last night and here are my thoughts.
    I'm not as happy with it as I thought I was going to be...
    The shape is good and pretty close to what i'm after (that later 1991 board shape).
    BUT - the fuckin concave distance from nose to tail is all off. 
    I like the depth of the concave across the deck width wise, but the area in back of the nose side truck bolts is just too far.
    There's about 2 1/2" of flat there before the nose tilts up. Think of a third of the way up the nose is where it starts to bend. That's just too fuckin much! The full nose from bolts to tip is now 7", but like I said 2 1/2" of that is not bent up.
    Anybody understand what I mean here?
    Noseslides were tough to stay onto, because of the angle. 
    And ollies, fuckin ollies man, it was pretty tough because I'm used to my front foot sliding up quick on say 14-14.5" concave deck, grabbing the nose and bringing the board up into the air with me, but having to go that extra distance before I hit the nose was making it feel like I couldn't pop the f'n thing up off the ground for beans.
    I'm going to say it again, even though i knew it before but didn't listen to myself - the K15 concave should only be on decks w at least a 15" wheelbase. On the Cab Hot Rod deck w/ the 15.5" wheelbase it was right on, made perfect sense for that being a bowl/pool deck, but on this deck, having a shorter wheelbase, and the stock 14.75" wheelbase it's just too much of a gap I think. 
    It skated really well in the bowls, obviously.
    I dunno, I'm gunna give it a second go this weekend w/ my trusted Mini Logo trucks and see how that works out.
    I'm bummed because I thought for sure this deck would "be the one". I wish it had the K12 concave, and maybe it would be just that. The K12 has a shorter length of a wheelbase concave to rocker area and works wonderfully on a 14.38" wb for those 8" popsicles, just want a big fat version of that dammit! 

    (btw - PPK187  it is a green dip, that's translucent like a stain, it's nice, it's kind of a dark forest/army green, looks good in person w/ the orange and yellow dragon)

    Here are pics I took pre skate, you can kinda see what I mean about the bend - 





  • Looks awesome, New school with an old school feel. How's it ride?
  • Look above Chris, he gives his take on how he feels about're right it looks awesome, and also looks good for mini ramps
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    ..that's a big tail though. High I mean
  • Nice job on the grip tape, JOHNOPHEAN 
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    Thanks guys. the tails not that big really, only 6.56" and not too high.
    How it rides aside, it's a damn nice looking deck, but then again all the Skate One decks always are!
    Heck, Mini Logo's look beautiful the first day! : )

    The grip was prob my last of the logo cutouts. It takes too damn long. Hours! I put on 2 80's movies while I worked and almost made it through the 2nd. The Dream Team and Beverly Hills Cop. 
    You gotta keep trimming w/ the blade to get it just right, and keep testing it, and if you fuck up one piece you're screwed!
    (specially when you have only one sheet of 10x36 grip)
    This was my 3rd logo cutout on a full sheet, and like I said NEVER AGAIN! (btw - i've said that now 3 times hahahahaha) 

    Setting up my favorite Mini Logo trucks and smaller wheels tomorrow. Will report back fellas, thanks again! 
  • I love the deck shape and the 14.75 wheel base is perfect for me. I only wish the nose was 6.25 that way the tail would be around 6.80.
  • The concave on the new Cab ban this is just a bit too deep for my taste. I took a belt sander to the edges of the deck before I gripped it. Just about perfect now.
  • I just can't get on with this deck. It's just not my thing. 
    So, I'm selling it. Anyone interested? PM Me.
    It's been ridden one session.
    Practically brand new besides some paint scuffs.
  • it s a plank!

  • Nah, the size is fine, it's just not something that works for me though. Great board and shape otherwise. 
    Want to see it go to a good home that will thrash it up! : )
  • Check out the new tye dye one in new products. It looks like the same shape, but the specs are different. 5" nose that, if you look at the side shot, looks to be pretty flat. Concave is listed as SP3 and the shape is listed as X3 DEATH II, whatever the hell that is. I can only guess the SP3 is an updated spoon nose mold, could this mean the last BB decks will be the later 80's shapes? Either way it's… interesting.
  • Can't say I'm a fan of the new top logo either. Especially on reissue graphics
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    The side shot looks like a different board than the first two pics..same with all the new tie-dye decks, it looks like they've shown a different shaped deck in that last pic, the tail looks almost flat in the side pic, they don't have that rounded look. I do like the tie-dye though
  • Sounds, wanna buy my Cab Ban This deck fellas? : D
  • Still for sale fellas.
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