Cab Ban This/ Future Primitive deck shape



  • Broke as hell but I'll ask anyway… how much?
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    Need to sell gear to get $$ for heating oil. Help me out if you can and you will score good stuff!
    PM me for details.
  • Sorry dude... Like I said I'm broke as a joke
  • Johnophean, send me a message. I am interested in the Cab deck! I tried to p.m. you and I guess it never went thru.
  • I really wish they would do the Ban This on it's proper shape. Using this shape is a cop out
  • The original shape with K15 would be killer!
  • CASTPOLYMER did you get my PM's?
  • JOHNOPHEAN, I did not. I tried to send you one and I a week ago and I guess you did not get it either. I will try again.
  • yeah man, I got a message from the forums administrator asking if I got personal messages because I guess there was some internal probs w/ us all getting messages back n forth. Try and shoot me a message again.
  • I actually went ahead and bought some blanks from Skatepaige yesterday. Hope you are able to unload the deck soon!
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    Awwwe, bummer. Well, if anyone else wants a used one time green Powell Peralta Cab "Ban This" on the modern shape w/ dual mounting holes and a custom logo cut out grip job please message me. Send me your postal codes too so I can get you a full price w/ shipping. Thanx fellas.
  • I still love this deck.  The 14.75 wheelbase is perfect for me.  I just got some new Cab Dragon 60mm PF wheels for it, those wheels have been out of stock for at least a year it seemed.
  • Green one still for sale fellas...PM me asap
  • Ironically my only skate buddy bought it. I'm happy to keep it in the family. He's in Europe till the end of the summer but when he comes back it's all his. All paid for and everything. Good friend. : )
  • Seriously A Ban This Cab on it's correct Shape is a License to print Money. It's on so many people's Grail List that people would buy up the reissue to ether skate or use as a place holder until they can get an original to hang. 
  • G'day Johnophean :) Can I ask, what size trucks did you use on this Ban This Deck? 149's/159's? Cheers, Don (Perth W.Australia) :)
  • DNB
    159s fit that deck perfect. I also recommend the 58mm 90a Skull and Sword wheels.
  • Thanks SK8ER :) I'll go for some Indy 159's...... I had ordered the Skull and Sword wheels a few days ago (I think they are the perfect size and hardness for old school skaters), but the place I ordered them from ran out of stock, so they rang me this morning and I changed the wheels for the Cab Ban This Deck...... I just went (about an hour ago) and bought some Black G-Bones Wheels for the board from ebay (yes, probably too big and too hard, BUT had the urge that I HAD TO BUY THEM, it was something I always wanted if I ever bought a new board). Oh well, if they aren't any good, I'll be ordering the Skull and Sword Wheels from a new supplier. Thanks for your help :) Cheers, Don :)
  • The new Chin deck that was just put up this week is the same shape, size and concave as the modern Ban This deck. Just an FYI.
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