Diligatis Deck

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The new Diligatis fun shape grabbed my attention because it looks like a continuation of the skull and sword graphic.  Then as a Christian the cross and the Latin "Diligatis Invicim" which means "Love One Another" grabbed my attention again.  Curious what VCJ's beliefs are?  I see a lot of Christian symbolism and biblical verse connections in the artwork.  I am not trying to be preachy or start a war of religions, just my observations of a deck graphic. This is by far one of the best graphics VCJ/Powell has released since they started working together again and I plan to get one.


  • dude is obviously some kind of hippie
  • Yup jus your average christian stoner
  • If you want to understand what VCJ is like, read the interview with him posted on The Art of Skateboarding. He is definitely unique. Glad he draws so well. The link is below.


    You may have to click and paste to make it work.
  • He's an artist.  I hate to sound cliche, but most artists have that "thing" within them that sets their vision apart from most.  It gives them them that ability to produce something that most people can't phathom.  VCJ- a true talent and the skate world is lucky to have him share his talent with us. 

    (Even though, it can be kind of hard to understand him at times. ;)

  • I think the "thing" you're referring to in an artist is being able to think differently to how everyone tells you how you should be thinking, and being better able to interpret visually (in his case) what's going on inside their head. Being able to draw helps plenty too
  • We are all artists too ZENO01! =D
  • I would fear being an artist.. you dont make any $ or become famous when your alive
  • yep mark gonzalez  the next Picasso of our time !
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