Mini Logo Complete Question


I've been thinking of getting the Mini Logo 124 K12 complete and have a few questions on it.

1) Are the trucks and deck completely even on rail? I enjoy doing freestyle from time to time and it'd be a great help if they were.

2) What are your opinions on SkateOne trucks? They come with the Mini Logo 124 K12 complete, but I've never heard anything about them.

3) Do Bones Bushings fit into SkateOne trucks? I like loose trucks and need those Bones hardcore soft bushings to fit!

4) And finally, are Mini Logo decks completely made in the USA?



  • 1.everything is symmetrical
    2.well they were just made last year so they are still new to the market
    3.all bushings fit on all trucks
    4.and yes
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    thats pretty funny bill..... and extremley acurate as well......dont worry jess! bill and i got your back. =P
  • thanks guys! you answered it completely except that all of our decks do tend to taper towards the tail including the 124 which would leave your wheels or your axle nuts sticking out just slightly. you should still be able to hit primo pretty easily
  • oh well i never noticed
  • its ok bill, i wont ban you.
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    hahaha whenever i get a new powell board i always ask by the shape then pay for it then get home and put it together i dont pay attention to much of the details just the shape and size and color those are the only things that matter to me when i get one
  • your a simple man bill. nothin wrong with that.
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    yeah i dont look at details either =) (he he) (thats a joke of course....)
  • Thanks to everyone that helped.

    Also, I asked the question about the bushings because some Bones bushings I had didn't fit into my Tensor trucks, which was odd...
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    tensor sucks dude they dont have normal shaped bushings
  • yea i am a simple person lol ppl always bug me about why i dont do high tech graphics for my company and im just like well i dont have fancy photo programs and im a pretty basic person lol
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    yeah......... sorry. tensors do suck. get some indys u cant go wrong. doesnt matter which model...... they dont make a bad truck. no gimmicks... no trends. just kiss ass trucks.
  • u can also try some destructos or krux or venture (same as indy)
  • All right, thanks.

    I'll have to stick with the SkateOne trucks that come with the Mini Logo complete for a while, since money's a bit of an issue.
  • gotta do what u gotta do
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