15 inch wheel base mini logo?

Any chance of a mini logo with a 15 inch wheelbase? That new Ray Bones 8.75 is ideal (maybe 8.5). Perfect park and pool rider - and no guilt at mini logo prices...


  • i can forward your request but at the moment your best bet is the 171 shape for cost efficiency or the NEW Ray Rod Now deck with the wheelbase your looking for for a little bit more. plus you get the classic Ray graphic on the bottom which is fun to have on a board cause it makes people that dont know about the deck know its out and its killer.
  • The new Ray deck is awesome, I plan on picking one up. I am just saying that I think there would be a market for a mini-logo with a longer wheelbase.
  • its definitely on the request list and i think that would be a good addition to the lineup.
  • Wait? My Ray Bones is 8.375 and like 14.375 wheelbase. Is there new model?
  • yea there is a new model with the same graphic that has the 15" wheelbase. the catalog does read wrong and states the previous models dimensions. the new dimensions are 8 3/4 x 33.25 with a 15" WB
  • Sweeeeetttt
  • just noticed that!!!! that's my size and shape - thanks!
  • yea im getting one too. perfect deck for bowls and ditches
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