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I would love to see a very slight concave in the next Mullen reissue. The flat non-existent concave limits us to displaying vs skating. Nothing crazy or deep, just a very mild concave. Other nice-to-haves would be the next color be the neon green version, even better would be the white with red skeleton. Would also love to see the Powell Freestyle wheels back with the inset bearing placement.


  • yeah, i think everyone would be much happier with the '88 era shapes and concave's for sure. bringing back the freestyle wheels would be rad, i'd use 'em for street! Weren't the street style's basically the same wheel re-branded though?
  • since halloween is coming up they should make them halloween colors like an orange or green mullen maybe a orange hawk,black and red mountain,black mcgill with a red skull,and a black dagger with red background for the tommy g
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    I never owned the Street Styles but the Freestyles were offset for freestyle skating and may have been more narrow. I prefer the simple branding of them much more (the standard Powell wheel font vs the skull and bones styled name). While they were made for freestyle they quickly became popular for street and may have been the first, or earliest, to open the doors to the small wheel era. They deserve a comeback for sure.

    I would love the old Mullen deck back with a minor body update but still respects the original: A very mild concave.
    Add an ever-so slight, barely even there, kick in the nose and we'd have a fully functional dream freestyle board. Worthy of reissuing the mini Tailbones for.
  • Why not just put the graphic on a modern board shape? But I'm down for a green or white Mullen
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    2 words - licensing and marketing.

    How good would that be if Powell Peralta sold more Mullen popsicle stick decks than Almost Rodney decks for a full season?
    Which is what would most likely happen - easily, wouldn't you rather have a Rodney chess popsicle than a Rodney Almost deck? Now that wouldn't be a great business move for them, and Powell would probably not sell very many of their own popsicle decks in that time either. It'd be a washout of their own flagship decks that when Rodney's got discontinued. They'd have all these leftover last season Ripper and team decks that nobody wanted that would now have to be discounted. 
    Sorry, I get carried away. : P
    Almost Double Impact decks are insanely strong, rigid and poppy btw, so nothing against Almost decks at all. 
    They do make great modern decks. I had one, and compared to it everything else I ride seems kinda flexy.

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    I don't know, I think putting the Mullen graphics on anything other than a freestyle board would cheapen those graphics. Which is probably why they would never modify the existing, because where would it end? I think If you freestyled back then, or are a fan of that era, then seeing on anything but a freestyle board is the only place you want to see it. I think the minor update I mentioned would be all that's needed to make this an iconic board that you'd buy to skate freestyle (still done today by many) and not to just display.
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    You're kind of splitting hairs there saying you want the deck altered from the original style but only how you would like it to be changed, no disrespect or anything. A few of em have done the same thing and I don't think it's cheapened the, mcgill and hawk have all used some old graphics on double kick boards. What Johno said makes sense though with the whole marketing and licensing thing, but bringing out any new graphic would most likely make any left over stock a little less appealing. I'd really like if skate companies put any new team rider ideas to the people (getting off topic here) us 2-3 decks and say choose 1..majority rules. They'd be making something that they already know how people feel about it, which should reduce the risk of left over stock and having to sell it at cost or below to make space in the warehouse. Having said this I'm sure if I owned a skate company it'd either go bust or I'd get sued
  • I guess in the end, we keep forgetting these guys all ride for another company.
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    Just catching up with all reissues and it looks like the yellow Mullen is from Series 3, red is from Series 2 and light blue from Series 1. How long do they typically wait between each reissue?
    That red one is calling me but I'd regret it if a Series 4, in green or white, comes out weeks after buying it. 
  • First set came out in Decemberish last year, 2nd run in about the end of March early April, and this last set maybe about a month or guess would be January, but in my opinion would be foolish not to release em before Christmas. That's a guess, if you email the guys at skateone they might give you an indication of when they're due to drop
  • Thanks, I just emailed skate one for an ETA for series 4
  • Let us know what ya hear dude
  • Yea, if you hear anything tell them that I decided I want the next lmfp to be black. So that should remove one decision they might be struggling with.
  • Still wondering what "special" means in relation to the last set of decks...I'm liking these reissues more and more with every one I get, a snakeskin would just ice this cake superbly, but even without I'm stoked with the 6 I've picked up so far with an orange cab yet to be added
  • I'd be stoked on a Guerrero iron gate and a Hawk claw, switch it up entirely. An '88 flaming dagger full size and hawk skull would be just as rad though I guess. Hoping like everyone else that "special" means something un pig like and well.. special.
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    So I heard back regarding series 4: No official ETA but "Series 4 may be a special matching color for the entire set of 6 decks". Really hoping this means a white with red series (red skeleton, dagger, dragon, primitives and skulls). But we'll see. Now the yellow Mullen is surpassing the red for me. I really like how on that one you can see the wood grain on the graphics side. Unlike the red or blue.
  • For sure man, an iron gate would be super sweet, but can't see anything changing but colors. If special were to end up meaning different color dragon logos on top I'd take that
  • Matching colors? But they already released other ones in clearly that can't be right.
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    Maybe natural wood stain? That would be a boring way to end it. There's not too many colors left that they haven't used already on at least one of the decks so unless it's natural, tie-dye or pearl I can't see how that would work releasing a deck with the same color they've done already. They've used green, light blue, pink, orange, purple, white, yellow, dark blue, red, black and silver as a base on at least one of the decks released in the first 3 sets..what other colors is there?!
  • glow in the dark,metallic
  • My guess remains natural wood, will be interesting to see if that pans out
  • As to Soulfool's original question, I would recommend the Almost Mullen Cut Here deck. It came out a couple of years ago, but comes up on EBAY every now and then. It has concave and nice kick. You would just have to cut along the lines. I would post a picture but have no clue how to do that on this website.
  • i made a tutorial for it
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