Next Mullen reissue



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  • Rodney can do everything he did on his old freestyle decks with a modern 7.7" popsicle...Kilian does it on 8's, so anything's possible without a freestyle shaped deck. =D
  • I never rode freestyle, but I have this urge to pick up and setup a Harris or Mullen to play around with in the driveway in between ramp sessions...
  • that dog has a electrical cord in it s butt and still no one cares
  • I always loved the Mullen graphic, but freestyle decks feel like toy decks to me, just way too small. Granted I never skated freestyle.
  • i skated one before
  • Britt I think it's a toaster up his butt
  • and why is it wearing swimming flippers ?
  • weakass graphics !
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    Pretty much what I was talking about above.
    New for Holiday 2013 - Almost Rodney Mullen Freestyle deck

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    I saw this new almost mutt freestyle deck a couple weeks ago on eBay. May pick one up but I find Almost's "ad" for it in their catalogue condescending to freestyle in general. I'm sure it was intended to be funny, but it wasn't. 
  • WELL all I can say is Rodney had style and did nt skate in baggy jeans to crap rap music !!
  • and he wasn't a dirty ghetto kid  don t those gold chains get sweaty !!!!!

  • Really hope the last Mullen is white with red skeleton.
  • Me too, white with red skeleton.  Probably the best color they released back then.
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    hahaha Britt...he sure did...his company made all that possible bro - 
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