Bigger STF's

edited September 2013 in Powell-Peralta®
How about some bigger bones STF sizes? 56 and 58mm would be nice.



    Are these what you're looking for? They're out of stock on the skateone website but surely you could find em somewhere
  • I have those BAKU Bones 56mm STF's. They are the same Rat Bones II shape as all the 56mm SPF's.
    They are great! They also make this wheel shape in 54mm STF as well - look for the Skateopia wheels.
    They used to make larger STF's but I imagine they didn't sell and that's why they were discontinued.
    I actually have better success with STF's than SPF's. I feel they are grippier indoors on dusty masonite.
    Used em for a long time inside. STF's are just the best all around wheel formula - period!
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