Steve Saiz meets with George today......

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Steve says there is great things on the way......there's blood in the water and the sharks are circling on Facebook...

Photo: Got to visit some old friends today, <a href=@powell and #VCJ !! Some good things on the horizon...!! @carly_greenfield" height="504" width="504" />


  • Ignore the link...I can't get rid of it.
    If your on Facebook and are friends with Steve, you will see the pic.
  • Maybe a tribute deck?
  • Thankyou Bill! I'm pretty hopeless with computers as you can see! haha!
    This is interesting, he still has both his boards scattered around ebay that are still cheap. Though most of them are mini's, I'd love a fullsize to hang and ride.
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    Dude go visit oldschoolskates website. They've got his totem/feathers and buffalo decks in different colors for about $100, and the minis are a bit cheaper. Some people on eBay try and hock them for stupid prices. His totem deck is one of my favourites, I got a mini one in black that I skate occasionally but feel guilty everytime I do cause it's an OG. I want a white one but have other decks on my mind first.

    Back on the big news thing though, surely it's not a reissue coming out because the og's are readily available..that's why I was thinking tribute deck like the martinez one, or maybe he's getting his own bones wheel design..or maybe it's just a gee up
  • Hmmm.... Interesting. I wouldn't mind a totem reissue, old school skates wants over a hundo for the full size and I can't justify spending that much on something I'm gonna ride to death
  • Tribute for Saiz would be great.. I reckon hes one of those underrated riders.
  • Thanks slippery, I'll check them out. It would be cool to have the totem graphic on the new "Ban This" Cab shape.
    It's anyones guess what this is all about though. Yeh Doc, there was a few underrated skaters back in that time.
    At least it gives us a new topic to look at!
    I still love Saiz's clip at the end of Propaganda is the Powell Headquarters. He's spitting these tricks out on a funbox.
    What l love is he finishes each trick rolling away, and doing an ollie kickout(or north for our U.S. friends).
  • An LA boys series of tributes would be rad
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