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i wanted to know if........ i order the cab 2 dragon complete can i get bones swiss bearings instead and does the board come gripped? i would really prefer to have it NOT gripped.. if thats possible.. and can i pick what wheels i want? pretty sure i want rat bones... maybe cubics havent decided yet. thanx.


  • you can pick whatever wheels and deck you want. if you want to have swiss you will have to add them to your cart and we will adjust the order and take the price of the reds off the completes total. another way of doing it is just to email me your order and i will call you for your credit card info so it is not being transferred through email.
  • i wont grip it if you dont want me to. ill just include it in the package so you can do it all custom or whatnot
  • awesome. that works. exactly what i needed to know.. ill email u when im ready.. do you have a direct email?
  • yea i think i have sent you emails before. ill send you something right now to make sure you have it.
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    cool thanx. probably order tomorow or fri. thanx jess. yeah most defenetly DO NOT WANT it gripped. =)
  • do you want the trucks mounted?
  • not if you dont have to no.
  • so basically just install the bearings on the wheels and leave the rest to you?
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    you dont even have to do that. i like building em myself. part of the fun for me.
  • Do the PP completes come with the die cut grip like back in the day?
  • no. but you can get custom laser cut grip from a website called buddycarr skateshop
  • die cut grip, now on request list. thanks Boneless One
  • Add a piece of Die-Cut Clear for the top logo to the list as well.
  • funny....... i just bought a cab dragon deck yesterday. it's a beauty for sure...... gonna hang it on the wall when i get home * in like a month :( *
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