New Cab deck

I was just on Steve Cabs blogsite and noticed a pic of him riding a board that looks alot like the yet unreleased Cab stencil deck. The major difference being it has the dragon and bats graphics. It looks totally awesome. Was wondering if we are gonna get a chance to own one of these sweet looking boards??

Heres the link to the pic:


  • looks like the dragon bats street deck only with a kick nose?
  • Yeah it does look like the street deck with a kick nose. Thats exactly how the Cab stencil deck looks. What do you think, I reckon its looks sweet!!!!!!
  • yeah........ now that i look closer the shape looks the same as the stencil. the street deck is too small for me. that kick nose would give you alot more room and do that board some justice! more skateable as well. i bet its just a "one off" for cab only though.
  • I saw that on his site too. That looks like the ULTIMATE board for me! Mass release it please!
  • only thing better than that board with that nose is that board with that nose with a BETTER COLORWAY!! =)
  • yea that looks like his stencil shape.
  • Holy Mary Mother of GOD.. that board is sick as F-U-C-K.
  • So, this 'stencil' shape - can we buy it?
  • Ah, right, right, right. Duh. I knew that!
  • its our fault. we had them in stock and our availability just didnt update over the weekend so i checked it and made it available. sorry
  • just wondering. does the new cab stencil have a top graphic like the hipster does? no pic for the top when u click on it.
  • yes, the Cab Stencil has the Winged Ripper on the top.
  • what about the ripper with horns! u cant have an angel ripper without a devil ripper :P
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    thanx.. i figured it did.. but. had to ask...i like where your heads at bill =)
  • we have a angle ripper?
  • yeah good point no angel ripper currently bill =)
  • the winged ripper duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh where are ur heads at u silly gooses!
  • haha, angels do have wings. nice moves bill. i was searching for a halo on all the boards and was stumped. DoH!
  • yeah nice save bill. =)
  • hahahaha that's great
  • I love the shape and all but Im gonna pass on this deck until they put some better graphics on it. The stencil graphics look kinda lame. Something like the dragon and bats would be awesome.
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    its not for everybody.. thats for sure. but u gotta give em credit for tryin something different. i think if u saw one in person u would dig it. pictures on line wont do that graphic justice. i agree with you on the dragon and bats deck though... that deck cab is skating of the same shape looks pretty awesome im just sick of seing that boring grey deck with orange dragon. hope they release that board cuz i love the dragon and bats deck.its just beggin for a better colorway at this point though i think.. and the current one is to small...for me at least.
  • Yeah I agree, the current one is way small. What color would you like to see?? I wouldnt mind a lime green deck or even a white with red bats......hopefully they give us something like that next catalog!!
  • lime green would be sick. cant go wrong with lime.but....i saw a neon yellow one recently on ebay with red bats. looked pretty awesome.
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