Ripper and Vato Rat pig shape decks with wheel wells.

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With production in full swing on the Bones Brigade reissue pig shapes with wheel wells I know a lot of riders and collectors would love to see Powell issue the Ripper and Vato Rat pig shaped decks with wheel wells. I know these would be huge sellers! Really hoping this happens.


  • i think just about everyone on here hates the pig shape....welcome to the forums enjoy ur stay...gets crazy here now and then
  • I for one hate the pig shape..on the hawk and McGill reissues. A vato pig would be pretty sweet though, in light blue
  • Word. Too many pigs, it's like the skateboard version of animal farm
  • I wish they would have put the Vato Rat graphic on one of the fun shape decks, that would be fun! Ha!
  • Everyone wants the Vato, not sure why they don't sell it.  When the reissues pop up on ebay they go for a lot.
  • Are people buying the pigs to skate or just display?
  • Display for me, but I only have a McGill jet fighter and pink hawk in the pig shape. Not really into the shape for displaying, the color and graphic really needs to pop for me to buy one that shape. The nose on them is way too short for me to skate, it just feels like the front trucks sit too far up the deck. Oh yea I also have the green cab from the 2nd run of the BB reissues and plan on getting the orange one, but I guess it's not quite pig shape with the narrower tail.
  • pig on a diet shape?
  • Yea, I wondered who was buying then and why. Figure the lmfp graphic was out for a long time and he never had a pig deck. So it's good for skating, even though it's flat, and it looks awesome with all the background print. The others are a bad shape to skate, in my opinion, and the graphics aren't as good as the spoon nose versions, with the background print. So they kind of look to plain to display.

    I don't mean to keep piling on and complain, I'm happy they were reissued. I just didn't know who was buying them and for what purpose. If they reissued the second version chicken skull, I'd buy one. I want a fan back then, but I've come to really like that one.

    In the end, as long as the last lmfp is black, I'll view this as a rousing success.
  • Haha for sure man, I wasn't convinced the pink hawk would be good until it was in front of me, and I think it's more of a contrast thing with the other decks in my collection. On its own it probably wouldn't look as good, but next to a blue lmfp and green cab dragon it looks pretty damn sweet. And I'm the same as you, the decks I REALLY wanted to get reissued haven't eventuated but I still love the 7 I got so far and so stoked I didn't have to pay a fortune to own a lmfp or two. All it would take is one deck to make it an absolute rip roaring success and would move them into an 'A' grade instead of a 'B+' where it currently lies. That would be either 2nd issue chicken skull in either green or pink, snakeskin in any color but prefer the green or pink/purple, green cab dragon bats, or for your sake, a black primitive as I'm 99.9% certain the shapes and graphics aren't going to be changed for this last run making the first three not likely to happen, and I get the feeling you want that deck more than I want the first three! ;)
  • No, I don't imagine they will change the shapes either. If they were going to, they would have done it after the second batch, or when they changed the thicknesses. The colors are fine, I just think the backgrounds of the shaped versions really make the main graphic stand out. I didn't like the original chicken skull until they released it with with shadowed iron crosses in the background. The McGill skull looked better with the snake skin, and so on.
  • I'd be beyond psyched to see the Vato Rat pig shape re-released. I'd purchase a bunch, for sure! One of my favorite graphics ever.

    Please reissue this deck!
  • I forgot, in response to the above post:

    I'm buying the recent pig shapes to both skate and hang. While I was living in New Mexico, the Powell pigs matched with soft rat bones were my go-to boards for all of the ditches! Way more fun than long boards IMO. Remember, these are for cruising and very basic old-school tricks. Fun shapes. I always find it humorous when I hear people complain that the pig shapes just don't "perform" well enough for modern tricks. Of course not! If I want to go to the park and attempt any technical stuff, and "act young", I'll break out my Kilian Martin. Of course, after a few minutes I realize that many of my tricks are from an early to mid 90's time capsule lol. The kids often don't know what to think. Still, it's just fun...
  • Well for me, I'm more of an 85-95 skater, I stopped trying to be progressive around I'm more partial to curbs, and general street skating.  So for me the pig shapes kind of pre-date me, and I find them unfunctional due to the short, snub nose and no concave.  I like the lmfp, shape....I just wish it had more concave for various tricks.  I'm long past the days of handrails and trying to flip-trick everything.  So the modern shapes and concaves are a waste for me too.

    I think I'll end up getting one of those Saiz buffalo or Hill ear decks to compliment my Creature popsicle.  I may dress up one of my lmfp reissues, but I'll wait to see what the final batch has to offer.
  • I've been skating since 78 so the pigs bring back fond memories. I hope they do reissue the original vato rat pig with wheel wells and bones written across the nose. It would be nice to get the original Mountain reissued as well. I liked the bottle noses as well too though.
  • Dude that original mountain is rare as f@%&!! I don't think I've ever seen one for sale anywhere
  • I wish I had every deck I've ever owned over the years in mint condition. I would be richer than Trump.
  • As history has shown, if the masses desire a certain deck, dont expect it to happen.

    Then when you least expect it, the pig version always comes along.
  • Haha.. True
  • Sorry for the late response. Appreciate all the comments. Personally I grew up in the generation that rode the Powell&Peralta  Pig shaped decks, so for me these are my memories. I really do hope Powell does release reissues of the bottle nose shaped decks as I also rode those as well and  know those would be huge sellers and something the community is wanting. From a production stand point, now is the time to do a run of the Ripper and Vato Rat deck with wheel wells since production is already in progress wrapping up the Bones Brigade reissue decks. Keeping my fingers crossed to see the Ripper and Vato deck with wheels wells..

  • Had to give this thread a worthy bump as I'm really hoping that Powell does a Ripper and Vato deck pig shaped with wheel wells....PLEASE....
  • i like the pig shapes. sorry..i do. :) yeah i want a mcgill and a hawk bottle nose.. those would be great but i love the pig re-issues. i would really,really really love a light blue or hot pink vato rat re-issue with wheel wells. seriously i just want that deck and I'm happy. make it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hope this happens

  • Those look awesome!
  • I understand why Powell does all the pigs, no one else is. They own the market on OG pig shapes.
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