copers are back

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  • I never liked copers. They were like condoms, sure they worked ok, but once I tried grinding without them I instantly thought "Ok, this is much better. Why haven't I been going without them this whole time?".
  • yea huge waste of money
  • The advantage, of course, removing your copers didn't make you run the risk of having an itchy wiener.
  • If the proverbial truck is loose removing your coper is a bad idea
  • ^ HAHAHA! ^ yeah copers are a bummer anyway you want to look at it
  • but a 80 s complete is not complete without  them!!  correct term Grindmaster  Device for you Independent riders !
  • Just someone trying to cash in the renewed interest in old school boards.

  • Whats next? the return of the LAPPER (bird)!!!!!!
  • Merkel Products who remembers !! heh !
  • Still can't believe they took thin ribs off the market
  • I wish they still made rib bones the same as the originals. The old ones slid a lot better than the new ones. Tracker had the best idea with making copers that didn't fall off. There was nothing like losing a coper.
  • Yea I'm not sure if it's due to the age of them, but the old ones I have feel softer and are a different shape than the reissues. Also the packet for the old ones says double-radius shape so not sure if there were any other sort back in the day but they're thin height wise off the deck but nice and fat across the deck, can't remember as I only started skating about '87 and shortly after that stopped using rails on boards until about 2004ish. For the deck I skate now I use airbournes because they're nice and soft and slide really good, don't last as long as the new ribs though
  • Those are the ones I'm talking about with the double radius shape. They lasted forever and slid for miles. And no sharp shards of plastic stabbing your hands on grabs.
  • Yeah, the old double radius rails were killer. I wonder what the idea was in changing the shape and screw pattern from 4 to 5The plastic shards on the new ones bum me out too, and it seems that they don't slide as well
  • I'm thinking they went with 5 on the new ones because they're wood screws so it makes them a bit sturdier and less likely to snap off on slides
  • The new ones remind me of old Ugly Sticks. Every time you would try to tweak an air your fingers would bleed.  Does anybody remember those crazy a@# Schmitt Stix T lock rails that slid on and off?
  • don t fear the coper !

  • dude. coppers rule. :)
  • hella frontside axle slides on PVC coping!!!
  • That feel when you hit a curb you always had to hit leaning hard, only to find out someone waxed the shit out of it since the last time you were there.
  • Oh snap!!! Lol!!!
  • I thought wax was for surfboards !
  • I have never understood why kids these days wax the coping at skateparks?
  • Cause they're scared of going fast into a grind I think
  • because sometimes coping stops u from grinding nothing wrong with lubing it up
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