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Im curious to know how the Rat Bones (white 90a) ride. I havent ridden old school wheels for a while and was wondering if the fact the wheels being alot wider than the wheels of today make them slower or faster?? Also is 90a softer than the wheels of today and how does the hardness of the wheels effect the ride?? Also does the color of the wheel make any difference in performance??

Thanks to anyone who could help me out with these questions.


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    i have a set of white re-issue ratbones 90a on a lance mountain future primitave re-issue. and i can tell you theres nothing better for straight up pool and ramp riding as far as i know. i re-learned how to do axle stalls/ rock n rolls and back side airs on that deck after not skating for over 10 years. and those wheels were a big help. 85as are a huge difference..... too soft for indoor parks,(wood ramps) and they are much slower than the 90as. but they on the other hand are great for concrete and street... i firmly believe it depends on the deck your using for those wheels big time no matter the hardness. thats just me.. they were ment for decks like the mountain/ mcgill/ ray bones.. the shape of those boards somehow work great with the offset of the wheels. which is also correct for the "time period". im kind of a purist when i set up a deck i dont want anything on there that wasnt available when that "specific' deck was made.
  • Softer wheels (85-95a) are grippier but slower this is why the most often come in larger diameters. I agree with Nick that the deck is important with the Rat Bones. Also colored wheels tend to be slower than a white or natural colored wheel same make and durometer due to the coloring process.
  • i have to disagree about the color thing color doesnt make a difference only the duro really makes a difference with the wheel along with the mm size
  • The 90s ride nicely at the local modular Boston area parks, where the asphalt is kinda rough. I ride them at the one "pool park" that we have in the area and they are geat there too. Grippy, yes, but no as much as the more modern wheel formulas. The Rat Bones are huge compared to modern styles - compared to, say 53s, but they roll super fast. Ignore the "soft wheels are slow" comments. I have tried all kinds of modern 101a wheels (53 - 56s) w/high tech bearings - they are slow and don't roll for crap over any thing rougher than clean concrete. My 90a Rat Bones (out of storage from 1987 w/original NMB bearings) are crazy fast and roll over everything. Can't argue w/a big footprint! You can also ride these wheels on the street, to the store, the train, down hills, etc - a nice feature. The 85s are even better for true "street" use. 149 trucks will set them up nicely on an 8.5 board. If you are rocking 5.0 style trucks, an 8.0 board sets up fine. One thing is that they are a little heavy due to their size, and you'll ride a little taller - your ollies will be a little off until you get used to them. I would reccomend them. If you don't like them sell them on Ebay.
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    85a rat bones on a 8.0 popsicle....hmmmmm. ill agree with everything up til that point.. suppose if your going off roading or just cruising to the 711 in a shite neihborhood yeah that would work.but im not sure what kind of tricks your doing on a modern shaped deck in the street with big wheels on it that came out around 1980? offense but i just cant see how that thing is balanced right....those wheels were ment for 10x30 decks... once again im a purist... sorry im just anal that way.. old school wheels were ment for old school boards. just my opinion.... =) but if it makes you happy.go for it.
  • They feel kinda portly, but you get used to it pretty quick. 'Member back in the day? A sweet Alva board w/Bennet Vectors & Road Rider wheels? I'm saying WAY back in the day. Handles better than that. Thing is you are paying a small price (in kick flippery) to be able to ride in the street. Modern set ups make skateboarding something like golf. You only golf in designated areas, makes no sense anywhere else. A 7.5 board, 5.0 trucks, & 50s at 101is really only good at a few places, otherwise, you're carrying - not skating. I was out the other night, coming back from a friends house. Beautiful warm fall night, streelights on, etc, blasting down the street on my 8.5 MiniLog w/85a RBs. I ground a couple of long granite curbs, ollied a manhole cover, launched a couple of stairs, and generally feared no evil in the form of road debris/sidewalk cracks. It was pretty romantic. Pure, as you say. I guess it depends on where folks skate. If skating is catching a ride to the 'park, well. Look at it like this: Won Ton "Animal" Chin prolly rides 85a Rat Bones. He rides them underground, and he rides everything. Mr. Chin does NOT carry his board. Be like Chin.
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    road riders were a little before my time lol..i didnt start skating until like 82.. . but ive been on ebay more than i care to admit to say i actually do know the wheels you are reffering to... =) you are right..modern set ups are pretty much a "designated only type skating". most people today walk to the handrail hit it ...and keep walikin up and down the stairs.. over and over.... etc.. like a putting green, to steal your golf analogy. =) or the same angled concrete to do 360 flips on. now i see your point a little more clearly knowing what kind of skating u do. which i guess is kinda of a mix of old and new so to speak. and i respect anyone that actually "skates" to and from spots. which can only be done with softer/bigger wheels in crappy streets. thats the way it should be. however. most kids coming up today are all about "tech" which is fine.thats where progression has taken us thus far. it just requires lighter weight smaller wheels for rotating weight. i dont really skate street at all anymore. i mostly skate pools and mini ramp.and nothin beats a good set of rat bones on half pipe. i will however....take my skull and sword re-issue with ratbones on it down to the 711 on occasion and ollie off curbs and bounce over cracks in the side walk like they arent even there.. like tommy gurreros part in future primitve when hes just rollin down the street hitin curbs popin over obstacles.. THATS STREET SKATING =) just flowin from trick to trick.. down the u have to be somewhere.. but u really dont see skating like that much anymore. at least not out here in chicago u dont.. props to u bro. =) sk8 on.
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