Set up questions

I need some help with selecting truck size for a Ray Underhill board. Its 10" at its widest point but it obviously is quite a bit smaller where the trucks get mounted. I hate it when the wheels stick out further than the edge of the deck, so would I be better off with 8.5 0r 9" indys??

Also what size risers do you suggest for g bones or rat bones???

Thanks for ya help


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    169's are what were skated on that board when it was out in 1990. and work well with the wheel base, dont really stick out much...(see pic)

    they fit good and are stable. thicker risers will be helpful. just depends on preference. the looser the truck the thicker the riser to prevent "wheel bite" especialy on g-bones. ratbones 2 (the ones in the pic) dont need as thick . i skate that deck with g-bones.. however...... i dont skate street with it. " pool only". depends on that as well.
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