Kam Park is the best skate company employee ever!

I just wanted everybody to know that Kam Park is the best skate company employee ever. If all employees were like Kam, the world would be a better place. Thanks Kam!


  • what awesome thing did he do this time? Kam da man for sure
  • yep he is pretty gnarly
  • He goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied. George and Stacy got a real gem when they hired him! Kam deserves a giant raise and a paid vacation!
  • lol no doubt
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    For sure! They all are wonderful at Skate One. From George on down the line. 
    So what happened to get you "satisfied" bro. Details?
  • Whats this thread about..??
    Do some butt licking & get a discount of some sort?
  • Haha doc! Maybe a free sticker with our next order
  • He was exceptionally helpful on my last order. Picked up a blem Cab with guitar deck that was not up on the site.
  • yea kam is rad for things like that
  • Kam is awesome! Wait who's Kam?
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    Kam is a kind Powell employee who passes along our request's for reissue's ect: to the "Higher Ups" at Powell. He also answers questions and drops hints about upcoming product releases. A very nice guy who probably gets bombarded with repedative questions from all of us but is still as nice as he can be about it - even though I'm sure it gets old for him.  
  • Does he tell everybody what's going on in skate 1/PP? Wow I'd like to talk with this guy. He sounds pretty cool.
  • Maybe Kam will get the reissue demands taken care of if we threaten to share his email address with powellboy.
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    Hey i don't want to force anybody to do reissues. Just chill.
  • Hahahaha
  • Lol and @powellboy, don't forget there is a cool forum at skullandbones.com with other helpful people like doc with plenty of info and opinions other than soc related stuff :-)
  • Out of curiosity is kam related to ken park?
  • Kam is the best.

    Yea powellboy go there. they will answer all your questions, you fag.
  • Jesus Christ what's with the hate FAUS? I didn't do anything to you.
  • kam is the animalchin guy on the forum
  • I just spoke to Frankie Hill, and he got a phone call from George today. He's got some "stuff" coming out on Powell Peralta in the next few months. He couldn't tell me, but he is getting his Frankie Hill chair, which he is stoked on. Just thought I'd let you dudes know.
  • Thanks for letting us know @boner!
  • Rad dude, thanks for the Intel
  • Whatever happened to Hill Skateboards? 
  • HILL skateboards is still alive and well,he was also interviewed for the Powell Peralta book they are working on as well.

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