new guest artist series coming soon!

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  • They already posted pics on facebook.  It's Jello Biafra/Alternative Tentacles artwork.  Doesn't excite me.
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    love me some dead kennedys
  • Looks a little too "late 90s" to me. I'm stoked that pp is trying new things, shapes, graphics, but it kind of seems like "forced innovation". Almost like they are trying to be different for the sake of being different. Granted skateboarding is in a strange time right now. We have banana boards, long boards, nostalgic boards, and modern boards which haven't changed in a long time. I applaud pp for trying to find something new, you can't stay relevant with reissues and no modern team. But I think skateboarding needs to find it's own innovation, it can't be forced.

    Or I'm just looking too deep into it. Lol
  • I like the "idea" of funshapes, but they are too narrow. I bought my oldest daughter the Believe deck and she likes it. I can't skate it, it's 8.4 over the front truck and 7.5 over the rear truck. The 6.0 nose and 6.0 tail are too short. These funshapes might be great for kids, but that's it. I think a funshape would be the LMFP and the Cab Chinese Dragon shapes with k15 and a kick nose. I think Mike V and Welcome figured it out, old school shapes with a modern mold.
  • Yea, that's what I think would do well. Classic shapes with modern "technology".
  • I think they look cool.  They could be an inch or two longer, and pressed in a big guy mold, that'd be rad. 
  • Good on Powell for heading in a new direction. Just a shame I dont care for their new style, seems a bit of a reach for Powell. I personally dont find it authentic considering their rep. Got to try something to distinguish themselves I guess
  • Love Dead Kennedys!!!!! Want! !!
  • Yes, Welcome Skateboards has it figured out right now! According to my sources, Welcome boards are the hottest decks selling right now - Paul Schmitt can't press enough decks to keep up with demand!  And I am seeing quite a few of the "new school" skaters skating our new skateparks on these boards with these non-popsicle shape boards.
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