anyone seen bonus brigade yet?

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I'm waiting for it to hit YouTube, as Australia & NZ got screwed over again with the distribution deal that got done and can't order the download from skateone. I'm not paying $30+ in JB Hifi for it no way, nor am I paying about the same price if I got it from eBay because of postage costs from the fuck it, I'll watch it for free. Plus I think it's crap how the people that preordered the first one at top dollar, and then watched it get pimped on netflix, iTunes and the like for dirt cheap a few weeks later, don't get that shit for free as a "thank you for being loyal and paying through the nose first time round". Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but that only comes from being screwed over by American companies time and time again. If they can prove to me it's not a cash grab I'd be more than happy to pay the $35 that JB Hifi will be asking, for what should have been bonus features first time round


  • No freaking way I'm buying it, for the exact reasons stated.  I pre-ordered the GD first Blu-Ray, and it was on Netflix before I got my copy.  I will be dowloading it from somewhere, straight up.
  • i'll cave and buy it. wish i could find a shop that actually carries it though so i don't have to wait for shipping, i like instant gratification. wish they'd of at least included a download with dvd purchase. anyone thats seen it, post a mini review... or maybe they haven't got it in the mail yet..
  • I got it. I enjoyed it. There is no skating, but just more interviews with our idols from the 80's. It is a big file though, so if your iPad is close to full it will not download...but that is my problem, not powell's. Let go of that anger and buy it.
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    If I could get it for anything less than $35 I would. And that's only through eBay paying the normal price plus $20 shipping from the US. Still no word when the one place that Powell have allowed to sell in Australia will start stocking it, no netflix in Australia for some reason, and we can't order the download or DVD from skateone because of the distribution deal they did for here and New Zealand. Not paying that much this time round
  • I got the digital download, it was cheap enough and if there is 5 minutes of lance talking it will be worth it.
  • You haven't watched yet Chris? Damn..I thought you'd be straight onto it after the download finished :)
  • World series had had my attention. If things go well that will be over tonight. I have a lot on my dvr to watch, the doc, and a few hours of Behind the B. The doc will be this weekend for sure.
  • Hope the sox win, love me some papi
  • Yea, I've been in a perpetual state of "is this really happening" all season. I keep thinking 1 win away from their 3rd world series in my life and they won 69 games last year. Still trying to take it all in.
  • I will buy it. Those guys are still my legit heroes. Their insights and stories were my favorite part of Bone Brigade.
  • Since I can't find it locally, and I'm an inpatient bastard, I think I'll buy the download and order the DVD later
  • Just watched it today, it was good
  • Bonus Brigade is better than the movie itself
  • or u can buy the download and burn it to dvd
  • My copy should be in today at our local skate shop.
  • Watched it last night. Excellent. 3 hours of interviews and such. The Duane Peters interview alone made it worth buying.
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