Classic Graphics With Newer Deck Styles?

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New to the forum! Skated from @ '83 - '90. Just started back up a couple of months ago. Love the reissues of the classic decks ( my first was a chicken headed Hawk from CCS back in the day ). My question would be this: What are the chances that PP would manufacture Mountain, McGill, Hawk, Guerrero etc. decks with the same approx. shapes as the originals, but with newer concaves and dual kicks? This is not a price question ( as the cost would be more due to licensing, royalties, etc ), it is just a " wwy not question. How cool would it be to get a dagger Guerrero deck with newer style concave and a bit of a kick on the nose?


  • I've been barking up that tree for a long time. Classic shapes with no graphic, classic graphic on modern shapes, or modernized classic shapes, graphic or not.

    I just ordered a few uncut blanks, I'm going to try to make what I want. Lmfp shape, modern concave, slightly bigger kick nose. Hopefully it'll work out.
  • I have modded a couple of decks in the same sort of way. I took a newer Cab " Ban this Dragon " cut off two inches of the nose, belt sanded down the k15 concave on the sides. I then built up the nose a bit using 1/8 luan, industrial strength hot glue and epoxy puddy to fill in gaps. I then painted it black, gripped it and it was good. I did the same thing to the nose with a Cab dragon and bats ( only the nose build up part ). So far, they have both worked well. I have not rocketed either deck into a curb or wall yet to see how well the nose will hold up to abuse. I will post a pic if I remember.
  • the new kevin harris is a 8 inch double kicktail
  • Unfortunately I have found that 8" decks are just too darn small. The smallest one I am riding now is a Flip LM Vato. It is 9" wide and still feels a bit small for my 5' 10", 195 pound frame.
  • Powell has done that for McGill and Cab in the past.  Also you can buy the Ray Rodriquez presently in an 8.75.  The rest of the team have their own companies and getting their blessing is the issue - they all agreed to do limited runs for the DVD release, but that's apparently it.

    That Vato is going to feel small because it's narrow in the front and back.  You might want to check out one of the Ripper redo's that Powell offers.  It's a solid 10" wide and probably doesn't drop below 9" anywhere.
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  • So far the Ripper is the only one I have found at 10" width.
  • Pool King, Earthwing, and Pocket Pistols are three companies that come to mind that make big boards.
  • if only it was atleast a quarter size smaller
  • I know you like em smaller brutha. =) Sorry. 
  • yep ill just take some scissors to it jk
  • I have always loved that graphic. Being Canadian, it is likely the politist deck PP makes. ;)
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