Truly Bad Design Ideas From The 80's - Let's Post Em!

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I was trying to explain what " Bonite " was to a guy yesterday. It kinda got me thinking about bad design ideas we lived with in the 80's. Here are a few off they top of my head:

1) Wheel Wells - Every board I had that had wheel wells cracked across the wheel wells. I can see the design team discussion, " It will cut down on wheel bite, but will cause the deck to fail much quicker. Sweet! Let's roll them out!"
2) Tracker Ultra - Lite Trucks - plastic baseplate and metal hanger. I lived in Colorado and if the board was cold, you had a pretty good chance of cracking the baseplate. Tracker must have made a fortune selling replacement baseplates for these things. As I remember, they made the slightly different so their normal metal baseplates would not work with them. I got a set in a trade and they may have been the worst trucks I ever skated.
3) " Bonite " - " Hey, lets put some roofing paper in between the layers of maple. Why? Why not!" These decks were so bad that skate shops were selling out of every PP deck that was not Bonite. I think that may have been how I started skating mini's for street. They were the only decks that were non - Bonite and not sold out. I literally broke a Cab Chinese Dragon board the second day I had it going off a 2' launch ramp. Once you dinged the board and then got any moisture in between the Bonite and the maple, you were done for. De - lam was in your future for sure. To top it off, the decks were crazy heavy, even for the 80's.


  • Yeah, bonite sucked. How about z-rollers
  • Were they some sort of roller that went on the hanger of the truck?
  • Yea, I was going to say z roller trucks, they would "grind" gardening timbers but they weighed about 50lbs.

    I would also add in companies over thinking deck shapes, Hosoi, Alva, Vision, and so on.

    And with the tracker plastic bases, g&s chromoly trucks also had plastic bases in the beginning and they came with a life time warranty. Those were my favorite trucks, I went through a ton of trucks and only paid for the first set. Bad move on their part.
  • The toughest part of the darn Tracker Ultralites is you had to send the damn truck back to them as I remember. As a teen, that was a ton of effort and then you had to wait for the new truck to come in. If you only had one board, you were not skating. On the flipside, the 80's Gullwings were nearly indestructible. Had a friend who had a wrecked Gator with Gullwings that he hated. His parents told him no new board until the old one is not rideable. It had no nose ( seriously down to the baseplate on the front part of deck ) and had almost no tail.We would leave the board outside in the freezing Colorado winter nights and then do acid drops off loading docks with it to try to break the trucks. Those damn things were tough.
  • Ugly nose guards. The holes to fit them to your deck were only about 4mm from the edge..useless
  • TRACKER COPERS & ULTRA LITE TRUCKS!!! The copers never stayed on. Then you where stuck ridding a truck with two plastic / metal circles near your wheels cause the middle section fell off. And the Trucks where poop cause the hanger would slide causing you to have to bang your deck on the ground to make your wheels move again. And then hope you did not hit it too far so the wheel you where trying to get moving again did not cause the other wheel on the other side to stick. BHAAAAA!
  • I like Indy trucks ( except the grommet ). I have not used Tracker since the Ultralites and never really like Gullwings. Never tried Thunder or Venture. For me, Indy's are just a good, all around truck.
  • I also remember lappers on boards. This was pre - flatland ollies. The usually lasted a new skater about a week until he smashed into a couple of curbs. Funny how we had to navigate curbs pre - Ollie / ADA accesible curbs. I used to look at each one as a tiny challenge to try to do something else each time.
  • Indy, factory, bushings suck. So does the washer. I like super tight trucks and tend to split bushings and bend the washer. But Indy is the perfect "no frills" truck.
  • I have been using PP med. bushing since I got back into it and they work pretty darn well. No washer needed.
  • worse bushings have to be those yellow gullwing bushings haha
  • Mini Ribs. My buddy had every possible bolt on, rails, nose bone, tail bone, mini ribs, copers, lapper. His board weighed like 50lbs. But the graphic looked good for a long time.
  • Good call on the mini ribs Chris
  • Front truck bolts upside down to catch your front foot when learning how to ollie.
  • The trucks that had that shit on the bottom that sparked when you grinded
  • were those the limited edition twilight trucks
  • has anybody rocked these hahaimage
  • What the hell are those? That's worse than roller z's.
  • I can't remember what they were called Bill.
  • i remember the first time i saw them on amazon i didnt even know what to say haha
  • Dafuq? What function would that serve?
  • twice the kingpins,washers,nuts,bushings u gotta buy lol
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