Truly Bad Design Ideas From The 80's - Let's Post Em!



  • Britt I am a Venture Guy For Life.

  • That Gullwing truck looks like the answer to a question no one asked.
  • awright venture s thunders rule!!!
  • I have to throw Vision Street Wear into the mix. There was no easier way to get yourself hazed by your fellow skaters than to show up in that poser gear. Must have been designed by the same guy who invented the Member's Only jacket.
  • The thing that sucked was their pants were so comfortable. I was stoked when I discovered skate rags and......almost just as embarrassing as vsw, skidz.
  • We used to buy army surplus O.D. pants for $ 5.00 thrift store. Perfect in the winter and then got cut down for summer skating.
  • Yup, I had a few pairs of camo pants too. Very comfortable.
  • I do remember being super stoked to find a sale on the first gen Air Jordans one day in Boulder back in the 80's. The second gen Jordans were coming out and the shoe store was blowing the old ones out for around $ 15.00 per pair. We used my friend's mom's credit card and got something like five pairs a piece. I was set for skate kicks for a while.
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