killian martin freestyle decks

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coming soon according to the pp fb


  • I wonder if they will be old school freestyle decks or modernized. I thought Rodney already modified freestyle skating to utilize skinny, modern decks.
  • Nevermind, I just looked at it. I really like that graphic.
  • It looks pretty much the same. P/P's funny man, no disrespect to Killian Martin but, they're promoting freestyle? They ditched a good team and left one pro, who is basically a freestyler... Not really gonna get too many kids into the brand that way,in my opinion.
  • pretty much but right now we are in a rehash of the 70s and 80s
  • Difference is they had a RAD team then..
  • I remember reading a while ago something that said Stacy loves his progressive style and that the reason why board sales have dropped off is that people getting into skating watch other pro's and think it just looks too hard, hence the shift to longboards and penny boards as a protest. Maybe pp are trying to use their crystal ball to slowly build something unique to keep em in the game. If that's their train of thought they might be onto something, I look at what killian does and to me it looks like a bunch of circus tricks, which is exactly what people thought of hawk when he had a bunch of tricks other guys couldn't do
  • Could be. I did have the "build from the ground up" theory when they ditched the team. We'll see I guess
  • that is usually how it goes when they kick off their team every few years^

  • True Bill. The team was pretty rad though, guess I'm still just bummed they got booted. At least Mclain is still on..
  • yea i know of alot of other cuts they could have made to keep hoffart and bartie
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    FREE - STYLE ... as in free to skate however STYLE, and on whatever you want.
    That's Kilian through and through. : )

    His "freestyle" decks are a sorta kinda modernized version of freestyle decks and modern popsicles.
    Powell has been making his "freestyle" decks pretty much based off the Sk8Kings model he had, but not so square, just like a skinny, short popsicle but w/ flatter kicks and a shorter wheelbase, square rails etc. He's had so many of them since he got on the team and usually had them w/ heat transferred older graphics (the blue Vallely elephant and Hill Bulldog etc.) 
    See the Sk8 Kings ones here - 

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