Bones Brigade Reissue 4th Colorway



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    Hey Castpolymer, which Saiz deck are you after? You can get some of his originals still fairly cheap from They have full and mini size feathers/totem, whatever you call it, and his buffalo deck as well. I think the full size totem is about $120, and the minis are about $90ish.

    The more I look at that new McGill, the more I want it..even with the pig shape. With the overload of pigs I can't help but feel I'm being brainwashed
  • I am going to pick up a Saiz buffalo off the intermess somewhere. I am also thinking of a Hill ear deck and a LM Junior. I plan to ride them all. I am still in the stage of finding the right mix of old school size and dual kick function. I was marginal at ollieing back in the day, so a raised nose is nearly a must for me. Anyone have any issues with warped decks on these NOS boards?
  • I've bought quite a few from oldschoolskates over the years and only had a problem once, which they quickly corrected. I bought a hawk medallion that showed up with delam and they sent me out another without question. Solid company man, I highly recommend going through them
  • No decks, but I just bought some rat bones and stickers from them, got them in a few days.
  • Thanks for the input. I have also been looking at them.
  • That Ozzie dude that works there is legit as they come, also an awesome selection of old school wheels..I'd recommend the site to anyone no two ways about it
  • Anyone named Ozzie is aces with me.
  • Lol for sure dude
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    CHRIS - I think the differences between the BB version and the regular pig re-issue version that they had been making for a few years before the doc came out, that they are now offering in that blue w/ neon yellow is that I think the BB version has a different construction than the other deck ply thickness size and of course the absence of wheel wells and the top graphic Bones Brigade issue version stamping. They both have the SP2 mold. Don't forget about the pupil/dots in the eyes too.

    The Cab and McGill re-issue pigs they've been doing a long time before the BB doc not being for sale through the BB re-ish deck releases is and was a good business move on their I dunno why they would have decided to now also release this blue McGill pig in the middle of the colorway 3 and 4 releases. Gotta love Skate One as they are sometimes unpredictable and whacky like that. Luv it. =) 
  • Also, stating the obvious here, the BB reissue has the glowing eyes, true to the originals
  • They released a white one this year as well, there could have been another one also
  • Thanks for the Bonite education Chris. My first deck as a kid was a bonite Welinder and at the time I thought it was some "space age" technology making the deck "extra tough". I figured that the reason nobody else did it was due to a patent. Not because it was an abject failure.

    Can anybody educate me on one more item?

    When did the hole spacing for trucks change and why? Is that to accommodate today's smaller popsicle decks?

    The industry norm from the '80's was a slightly larger spacing longitudinally and identical spacing laterally to todays trucks.

    Just wondering who had the idea for the change. When the change took hold and for what purpose.
  • I thought the bolt pattern changed because bolts were getting smashed on lip/tail tricks.
  • I hope the McGill this time is a pig.. been waiting ages for one of those

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    look at the new products page for some interesting things
  • I thought he was being ironic. Lol
  • dear or dear Billy.. hook, line n sinker
  • Anyone else surprised at the 4th colorway?

    I was marginally excited when that fake Christmas add was posted.

    The black and metallic is not what I figured was coming at all.

    What do you guys think?
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