PP Powers That Be! Tie Dye Ban This Dragon In 9.2" x 32" W/ Modern Concave?

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Love this deck graphic, but the smaller size, lack of dual kick and modern concave is a drag. Make me some tie dye Cab's on the newer style Ban This Dragon! I would bet dollars to doughnuts it sells out quicker than heck.


  • I'd buy one
  • That's two decks sold!
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    You guys should just buy my used 1 time Cab Ban This in that shape but in the green that I'm selling. PM me. 
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    Yea mate I live in Australia so postage would make it not worth my while, plus for skating purposes I only buy new decks and prefer support our local skate shops here in oz..thanks all the same
  • No prob Slippery. : ) It's been ridden once anyways, so it's pretty much new.
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