Bones bushings fit in Thunder trucks?

Hi all. I bought 129 indy low and bones soft and medium bushings to use them mix. But bones bushings are not fit in indy. I want use washer. So i refunded and ordered thunder titanium hi 145 again. It will fit well in thunder hi trucks? Thanks.


  • alot of ppl sand them down
  • Sorry. I will Find again:)
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    Yeah, Indy lows only fit their stock bushings or 2 top Bones bushings, instead of top and bottom. Otherwise yeah like Bill said, sand the bottom Bones bushing down a little bit. 
  • Yes Johnophean. As i know Bones bushings fit only mid or high.
  • 2 tops would though. Otherwise sand or file yer bottom Bones bushings down to the height of the Indy's stock bottoms.
    The bottom bushing is all height relative in the end. Did you remove the bottom washers? You don't need them w/ Bones anyways.
  • I didnt remove any washer..Indy trucks are the first trucks for me and actually i used bones bushings before with top n bottom washers in Venture hi.
    Simply my Question is that can i use bones bushings in Thunder high trucks with bottom, top washers. I already gave Indy to my friend and ordered Thunder titanium trucks.

    Thanks John:)
  • If you didn't like Indy's then you are going to hate Ventures.
  • hahah...yup. Go with Mini Logo trucks, they turn as good as a high truck like Indy's, but are as low as a Venture...but lighter, stronger and grind better!
  • Alright thanks for your opinion.
  • Hey, that's just what works for me though man, Venture's work for lots of dudes.
    Some dudes are die hard Venture fans.
    Venture's are great trucks, I just don't like how they spread out the wheelbase of your board.
    That and they don't make the 5.8 Lows anymore. Otherwise I might have me a pair.

    As for will Bones fit in Thunder Hi trucks, the answer is yes. The Thunder Hi's are 49mm high, and Venture Lows and Mini Logo trucks are 47.5 and 48mm high, and they fit in both of those fine. Indy Lows are 48mm as well, but have issues with bushings.

    A word of advice, ditch the top washer too. Never blew out a Bones bushing yet w/ no top washer and that's all I skate!
    Maximum turnage w/ no top washer too!
  • Im just beginner and need more information and yes now i know about trucks more than before.
    Thanks John.

  • just an fyi thunder,venture,indy is all the same manufacturer
  • No prob Ben. : )
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