Are Any Of Santa Cruz's Decks Still Made in the U.S.A.?



  • You can either buy a board made in Mexico by Mexican's or you can buy a board made in the USA by Mexican's. I like Mexican's so I am good with it. I miss the old days of going into Alva's factory for $5 blemish Duncan decks. They would stack them by the open roll up door. You just walk up and grab one and a Mexican guy would stop what he was doing and take a fiver from you. Nobody spoke a word of English in the place but they made some bad ass skateboards. When Van's were still being made in Orange, the Mexican lady in the little shack was cool as hell. $5 for a pair high top's and she was your best friend forever. Madrid's factory didn't have any deals but the dudes making the boards did not speak one word of English. Once again, made in the USA by Mexican's and all good stuff. Going to school, anyone that was Chinese got kick ass grades. Can't imagine they can't make a decent skateboard, especially compared to the low achievers I grew up with here in the USA. Tijuana sk8park (my all time favorite besides Skate city), made by Mexican's. Whatever, Mexican's have been involved with skateboarding for decades and the Chinese are smart and that's the world we live in. My Mexican made Black Label is kicking ass, no complaint's about it. If Lucero has to make boards in Mexico to stay afloat, then Viva Black Label!!!
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