Suggest A Truck Brand Other Than Indy for 159mm / 169mm sized Decks

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I have decided to get out of the box and try another brand of trucks for one of my 9" + decks. Not interested in " low rise " trucks. Just normal.street / pool trucks that will work anywhere. Anyway, I have not used another brand since the 80's and am looking for suggestions from those who have. Remember, they need to be for 9" + wide decks.


  • Just stick with Indy.
  • Just trying to " live outside the box " a little.
  • I rode Indy for 20 years, but I really like Theeve.  I go between the two on different boards.
  • Tell me what you feel is different between Theeve and Indy.
  • Construction is similar in terms of how they look and feel in the hand.  

    Turn geometry is one differentiator - Theeve's turn better.  

    Build materials are another - Theeve offers several different materials and build configurations.  

    I like the TiKing, which comes with a titanium axle and kingpin.  The TiKing is a strong, light truck.

    They also come with Bones bushings!
  • The bushing are a plus! I have been replacing the stock Indy bushing  with Med. Bones bushings. Never tried a pair of Ti trucks.
  • some ppl who worked for indy work for theeve so they kind of copied the indy trucks a little bit but theeves and tork trux suppose to be good
  • You wanna try Ace trucks.  I skate Indys, but am prone to using Aces too. 
  • tracker gullwing
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    Mini Logo trucks I've skated in 25 years! No lie!
    They just make everything so much better.
    Won't go back to Indy's again, no need.

    Turn smooth and deep like an Indy, but stable like a Thunder and yet low and balanced like a Venture.
    Stronger than any truck I've ever ridden too! Amazing grinds! Light too!
    George and the team spent years perfecting them before they were released.
    Get a set and see why.

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