Old School is really the best

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I turned 40 a few months back and leading up to it I was becoming more and more sore after sessions. It seems like it takes me a week to recover from a good sesh. I noticed my knees and ankles the most and I blamed it on the 56 SPFs and trucks with no riser. So I decided I would try old school. My body feels better and I am having way more fun.

My Old School Street Deck:
Cab Chinese Dragon light blue reissue
Indy 159 with bones hard bushings
Black rat bones 85a
1/2 inch riser
Bones Swiss
Black rib bones

My park/bowl/tranny Old School Deck:
Jessee Guadalupe natural reissue
Indy 159 with medium bones bushings
White rat bones 90a
1/4 riser pad
Bones Swiss

This setup might be limited in certain aspects, but I have having fun and feel way better after a session. How about the rest of you older guys? How do you deal with the pains of skateboarding?


  • What do you think makes the biggest difference, the riser pads or the soft wheels? I would imagine it would be the wheels.

    I am 37 and I just have to pace myself with my knees. Too much of a session doesnt agree with the knees unfortunately!

    I might try some softer wheels, I already use risers.
  • It would make sense that softer wheels and a " grommet " between the deck and trucks would make for a more comfortable ride. I have pretty much done the same thing. I have had my left knee fixed twice already and at 42, I have no interest in becoming the king of all things ollie. Ollies are fun, but just one of many of my old guy tricks.
  • I am trying a variety of deck / wheel / truck combos right now. Indy 149 - 169 trucks. Wheels from 85a Ratbones to 95a Bones Ditch wheels and decks from PP Saiz Buffalo, PP Lance Mountain Jr., Flip Lance Mountain Vato, PP Cab Ban This Dragon, Cab Mechanical Dragon, Cab Dragon and Bats. Using 1/4" or 1/2" risers and rails on all boards ( I like them to hold the board and preserve those sweet graphics.
  • From my experience the dragon and bats deck feels too small, which sucks since it is such a rad shape.  The mechanical dragon is nice because it's got an old school shape, but has double kick and K15 concave.  I still don't understand why they discontinued the mechanical dragon, but kept all the pig shapes.
  • I am with you SK8ER.
  • 8.0x32.5  I am an oldschooler  the pigs are just not functional for this old dogg !! plus 51 mm !!!
  • Just blasted off my launch ramp at work and landed ( after quite a few tries ) one on my Cab Dragon and Bats with 85a Ratbones. Nice and squishy on my old man knees. Next up, backside grab and hopefully method. If I was skating with those tiny, rock hard ollie wheels I would have likely compressed my spine about an inch. ;)
  • I like old school decks because I'm personally not looking for the function of new school. I tried adapting a few years ago and found myself not having fun because I was trying too hard to learn (and failing) a ton of flip tricks. My body simply doesn't want to learn 360* fakie nollie flips. I went back to old school, grinds, grabs, curbs and what not, and found I was having more fun. I still ride hard wheels though, I always skated 97a wheels.
  • Chris
    What 97a wheels do you ride?
  • Right now I'm riding bones spf 52mm, but I just got two sets of rat bones ii, 97a. I'm almost ready to grip my first "custom" deck, so hopefully next weekend I'll be riding it.
  • Anyone try using cell block 3's or are they too hard? Having trouble remembering if they benefited the deck or my back...
  • Cell blocks are hard plastic @Sk8rchin . Try some of the soft, flexible risers on the market. I'm using Krooked 1/4" soft risers right now and I really like them. They're more rubbery than the hard plastic kind and have more shock protection.
  • I only go for softness in street, and have experimented with soft risers and soft wheels, and i found soft wheels are the winners. they may be slower but imo more suitable to a street environment. with the soft riser i have experienced bent truck mounting bolts and turned trucks, yes the baseplate on the truck has turned on its' centroid and no longer rides straight until you kick it back in line. stick with soft wheels for street imo guys
  • True @WakeInFright . I like a 90 or below for street. 95 and up for parks. The older I get, the softer I like my wheels, though. Might be going back to Slime Balls before too long here. I've never had a problem with bent truck bolts from using soft risers. Might be more of an issue with the 1/2" ones than the 1/4" or 1/8" ones. But, yeah I'll trade some speed for comfort these days for sure.
  • The 60mm 85a Bombers are what I've been using for street. They are center set, you can slide them.
  • Ditto @kyle. i have the same wheels on my reshaped hawk picto!
  • Nice setup skater! ;-)
  • Not long now!
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